So where do you go for your dose of social media? As the Princeton Chamber gears up for its annual business trade fair next Tuesday, September 29, we at U.S. 1 are intrigued by that social media seminar (see story, page 13).

While LinkedIn, FaceBook, and Twitter are the talk of the town these days, we wonder what kind of content is getting linked, facebooked, tweeted, etc. For our story we hope to have ready for our October 14 issue, we ask our readers: What sites do you find either useful, entertaining, or otherwise valuable?

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To the Editor

Sarnoff Library

Hopes to Move

I am writing regarding the David Sarnoff Library’s future. As you may know, the library is closing and leaving its host Sarnoff Corporation at the end of the year. My board and I have solicited, visited, and reviewed locations, and they came down to two. One is the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, one of world’s finest museums for invention and innovation. It has had a long relationship with RCA and New Jersey, having accepted RCA’s Hall of History in Cherry Hill and the original Edison Laboratory from Menlo Park (now Edison, NJ).

The other is the College of New Jersey, one of the country’s finest small public colleges. A chance meeting led to visits by department heads, deans, and vice presidents, culminating in Provost Carol Bresnahan’s embrace of the museum exhibits on David Sarnoff and RCA innovations as a teaching tool across the college’s curriculum. TCNJ has set aside 1,500 square feet in the library that it is renovating to house the exhibits.

Last month I met with TCNJ’s VP for Development, John Marcy. TCNJ needs $100,000 to help offset the $225,000 cost of renovation. My board is working on raising that money, but it does not appear that we will locate the full amount, which does not include storage for other unique and world-changing artifacts, or staffing.

Several former RCA Labs staff have begun contacting state legislators, presenting the value of the Library’s legacy of innovation to the future of the state’s economy. If you agree that TCNJ remains the best option for our museum, please send a letter to your legislators. Thank you for your time and support.

Alexander B. Magoun Ph.D.

Curator and Executive Director, David Sarnoff Library

Correction: In U.S. 1’s September 16 issue we reported that Environmental Liability Management had expanded into offices at 217 Wall Street, Research Park.

ELM has expanded into a neighboring space, but 217 remains empty. Jon Brush, the leasing agent for that office, says that the 1,486-square-foot space is vacant and available, as are other offices in the office park. Brush, of Hilton Realty, can be reached at 609-921-6060.

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