In the businesses we cover, it is not too often that we run into a father-son act. And it almost never happens that the son is 15 years old. But that is exactly what we have on the cover of our newspaper this week, and that is exactly what some of our readers saw on stage on Saturday night at the gala benefit for McCarter Theater.

Our cover story is about Bob Wickenden and his son Robert, a freshman at Princeton High School, and how they are developing online learning programs that can join classrooms in China and the United States. As Jack Florek explains, having the kid do the PowerPoint presentations helps the company gain traction with educators.

At McCarter, the gala patrons came expecting to see Art Garfunkel reprise his beloved tunes from Simon & Garfunkel days. They got it, with now classic favorites like “Mrs. Robinson” and “Bridge Over Troubled Waters.” They also got what they didn’t expect — when a 15-year-old version of Garfunkel suddenly appeared on the stage and sang equally well, with a stage presence that even veterans would admire. That was his son, James, who made his father exclaim, “I’m one proud poppa.”

Our rule of thumb is to always ask interview subjects what their parents did. Perhaps we had better start also asking, “What do your kids do?”

In addition to the cover story, look for several other facets to E-learning in this issue. A Survival Guide article on page 6 describes how Peter Vloyanetes of Compass Communications will teach (in real time, live and in person) how to structure online curriculum. And the lead story in Life in the Fast Lane is about a former E-learning entrepreneur accused of wrong.

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