Our office is in the throes of publishing the annual U.S. 1 Business Directory, which should really be a full-time year-round chore for a committee of hard workers, but somehow we manage to get it done in February and March along with our usual jobs. (That’s because our excellent delivery staff feeds us information all year long, and we are constantly doing updates and news stories).

We have faxed or mailed requests for information to each and every company on our list. Look for some results of our reporting — including two dozen companies that have left town or gone out of business — starting on page 44 of this issue.

If your company’s directory information form is gathering dust under a stack of papers on somebody’s desk (yours?) it is not too late to send it back. We would be grateful to get your update even at this date. And of course it is never too late to update your information with us — we welcome press releases at any time.

Meanwhile, it’s never too late to write a letter to the editor, as the item below — inspired by a November cover story — proves.

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