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In our May 24 issue Richard K. Rein commented on the dismay and discomfort felt by a few residents when they discovered that an issue of our sister newspaper, the West Windsor-Plainsboro News, contained an insert from a church circulating the Gospel of John from the Bible.

Last week U.S. 1 took some heat for its Princeton University cover, which included a murky photograph of an “event” at the former rite of winter passage, the “Nude Olympics.” We received a total of three E-mails objecting to the photograph (one is printed below). And that brings up a comparison that underscores the point of Rein’s column: The Bible inserted in 12,000 copies of the News generated six complaints; some nudity in 19,000 copies of U.S. 1 generated three complaints. When it comes to controversy, the Bible is a surprising flash point.

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