A recent Wall Street Journal survey suggests that career satisfaction depends on intellectual stimulation, strong job security, a high level of autonomy, and direct contact with customers or clients.

A quick poll of the editorial staff here shows that reporting and editing jobs score high on all four points. Intellectual stimulation? You bet. Autonomy? Reporters work pretty much on their own, and they also get plenty of “extensive, direct contact” with people. As for job security? Among us, we average 10 years on the job.

But you may be chafing at the bit. We polled colleges and came up with some intriguing career-change examples. See page 38.

Continuing education students are pictured on the cover, clockwise from the top: DeVry’s new program in biomedical engineering includes, from left, student Emad Badawi, professor Eric Addeo, student Sanusi Kamara, and lab coordinator Tinu Patel. LaSalle instructor Ray Halnon (right) with students Valerie Bardley and Thomas Lennon. A Mercer County Community College continuing education class. Berkel Training Institute’s Emma Hall, center, with her phlebotomy students.

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