Lots of U.S. 1 readers along Route 27 in Kingston will recall our delivery person who covered that route up until a few short years ago. Diane Fernandes often delivered the papers in the company of her dog, a large white — and always friendly — standard poodle.

When Diane could not cover her route for one reason or another — a bout with colon cancer here, some hip surgery there, another bout with a different form of cancer later on — many people along the route would ask for her. “She will be back,” we promised, and she always was — thoroughly enjoying the chance to get out of her house in Lambertville one day a week. But the last time was tougher and Diane did not return to her delivery route, though she did continue to come to our office to help with the monthly billing process.

Diane Fernandes, we are sorry to report, died on August 15 at the age of 77. We should all be as energetic and as uncomplaining as she.

Last Week’s Cover

Careful readers may have wondered why, in last week’s edition, the captions on page two did not match the photos on the front cover, and why the cover was dated August 11 when the inside pages were all clearly marked August 16. The explanation: A last-minute design change — a central character in lots of publishing disasters.

In our haste, we also misspelled a word and printed the wrong caption information on page two. Mea culpa, or nostra culpa: We have all taken an oath: No last-minute cover changes, unless they are warranted by the news.

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