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LETTER AFFIL = To: The Staff

From: Richard K. Rein

Y2K Preparedness

Our emergency preparedness committee has completed its

studies and presented it report. We now have in place a plan that

I believe will successfully carry us through the new millennium and

beyond. Let me share with you the strategic elements of this plan:

1.) The U.S. 1 Publishing Company — unlike Princeton

University — will remain open for all business operations


the Millennium weekend. While we believe every step has been taken

to minimize major or even minor disruption, we believe that our entire

team should be on alert in case of any unforeseen Y2K glitches. As

Governor Whitman has stated, part of preparedness is being prepared

for the unexpected, as well as the expected.

2.) As part of our standby force, Preview editor Nicole

Plett will be deployed at an undisclosed location in the United


on December 31, monitoring Internet and other communications media

at that location, with a six-hour lead time that will afford U.S.

1 a Distant Early Warning if needed.

3.) Security at our Internet firewall will be tested on

a random basis from undisclosed remote locations by editors Barbara

Fox and Melinda Sherwood.

4.) Production editor Kathleen McBride Sisack, assisted

by Vivian Sudhalter and Katie Payne, will apply virus-proof filters

to all incoming E-mail messages and files commencing Thursday,


30, at 11 p.m. and continuing forward until Sunday, January 2, at

8 a.m. In that period any inquiries concerning the transmission of

digital files to U.S. 1 should be answered as follows: U.S. 1 is


prevented from accepting GIF, JPEG, TIF, or EPS files. All files


be transmitted in the DCX format, which can be created by insertion

of any materials into a Y2K-compliant facsimile machine, directed

to the U.S. 1 fax number.

5.) Since the Y2K period could serve as a veil for other

potentially disruptive activity, advertising representatives Diana

Joseph-Riley and Martha Moore will monitor our opposition.

6.) Our physical perimeter will be patrolled on a 24-7

basis by a team led by Brenda Fallon and including — but not


to — Aaron Thayer, Antonio Leon, Bob Hiel, Catherine Gayle, Dan

Noonan, Diane Fernandes, Howard Appledorf, Jack Sternberg, Jack


John Mitchell, John Symons, Marie Rendine, Mary Ann Davison, Michael

Bindi, Michael Pogorzelski, Norman Reines, Paul Scharf, Peter Burt,

Robert Eveleigh, Robert Predhome, Robert Yuell, Stanley Cheek, Theresa

Marzarella, Thomas G. Pichcuskie, Tori Uhler, and Victor Sandford.

7.) The rest of our team will be deployed at the command

post at 12 Roszel Road. In the spirit of Dell Computer, Intel, and

AT&T, we will keep all of you supplied with club soda and


snacks as you maintain this vigil.

8.) Production adviser Lawrence L. DuPraz has agreed

to be on standby with a CompuGraphic 7700 photo-typesetter, available

to set any and all type in the event of a mission-critical PC failure.

8.) I, of course, will also be on 24-7 standby, at an

undisclosed location (due to security concerns) but available


through secure land-based telecommunications. All members of our team

should be ready to call me immediately at the slightest sign of


For security purposes, of course, the phone will be answered by an

analog answering machine. But rest assured, I will receive your


and I will react.

On a personal note, let me thank you and assure you that we

are not likely to ask you again to curtail your New Year’s partying

in this fashion. Frankly I have had it with this Millennium business

— next time we will ignore it altogether.

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To the Editor

AS A "SUDDENLY single" bachelor I read Melinda Sherwood’s

article on the singles scene with interest (November 24). While not,

strictly speaking, singles groups, there are two


self-help groups that might be of interest to your readers. One meets

Monday nights at 7:30 at St. Gregory’s in Hamilton (call Judi at


and the other meets at 7:30 Wednesdays at the Hopewell Presbyterian


Incidentally, I think it was Groucho Marx, not Woody Allen, who coined

the phrase about not wanting to join a club that would have him for

a member.

Robert Kenny Esq., CPA

212 Carnegie Center

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