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This column was published in U.S. 1 Newspaper on December 8, 1999.

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Between the Lines

As U.S. 1 correspondent Christopher Mario points out

in his cover story starting on page 14, this business of DNA


is serious stuff. Move one digit out of place in your genetic makeup

and it can spell disaster. On the other hand, the work being done

by Orchid Biocomputer may address such problems. As the sidebar on

page 20 explains, such information could be posted on a website and

you could even get an E-mail alert on new drugs that might be tailored

for your particular gene pattern. Potentially good news, even though

such advances are still far off.

Our cover image, designed by Stan Kephart, shows a beam of light on

a DNA base (taken from an Orchid Biocomputer diagram), which results

in an optical signal that reveals the presence of a specific Single

Nuceolotide Polymorphism (SNP). Orchid’s proprietary genotyping system

may someday help determine whether a person will get a particular

disease and how that person will respond to a particular drug. For

an overview of biotechs in central New Jersey, see Barbara Fox’s


page 53.

On your way to those serious stories, you may notice Melinda


interview with CPA Stephen Klein, who urges businesspeople to


for Success." We thought Klein had a point, and in light of all

the heaviness that appears elsewhere in this issue, we decided to

canvas family and friends for some punchlines from the frontlines

of the corporate battleground. Here were some submissions. Since Klein

advises that no one take him or herself too seriously, we begin with

an accountant joke:

A guy needs a consultant, and so he gives a simple test to the


— what’s the sum of 2 plus 3. The first candidate is a


who answers quickly: "Five, and I can prove it empirically."

The second candidate, an engineer, responds: "The sum of plus

or minus 2 and plus or minus 3, is plus or minus 5," he says.

The third candidate is an accountant. When presented with the problem

the accountant closes the door and lowers his voice: "How much

do you want it to be?"

Then there was the guy who died and went to heaven. At the pearly

gates the devil appeared and asked him to check out hell, which had

a bad image, the devil admitted, but really was a pretty cool place.

The deceased took advantage of a trial offer and loved it — and

went back to St. Peter and told him he was declining heaven’s offer

in favor of hell’s. But when he arrived for his permanent stay, he

discovered that hell was full of pain and suffering. He sought out

the devil and asked him to explain the transformation since his


trial period. "Oh," said the devil. "Then you were a


now you are a customer."

We also heard of one pretty harmless office prank. A physicist who

is not so computer savvy receives an AOL Instant Message asking him

to state his name out loud as part of a system test. The victim says

his name once. Then the computer asks him to say it louder. Then


louder. Eventually, at the computer’s request, he gets down on his

knees to speak directly into the computer, at which point the office

breaks out into hysterics. The AOL message, of course, was coming

from a colleague a few seats away.

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Advanced Biomedical Research, 61; Aesgen, 55; Allelix


55; Anthra Pharmaceuticals, 15; Arete Capital Advisors, 63; Biomira

USA, 55; Bristol-Myers Squibb, 53; Celgene, 15, 54; Coelacanth, 56;

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55; DelRx, 58; Delsys, 58; DNX Transgenic Sciences, 55.

EpiGenesis , 55; Genome Pharmaceutical (GPC), 57; Hy-Gene,

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15; Interlink, 54.

KPMH LLP, 15; Life Enhancement Institute, 7; Liposome, 15,

56; Locus Discovery, 54; Medarex, 15, 56; Merck, 56; Merial, 54;


Technologies, 58; Molecular Tool, 14; Nassau Capital Advisors LLC,

63; New Media Partners, 62; New School for Music Study, 63; NexMed

Inc., 56; Nextran, 55; Nycomed Amersham, 15; Orchid Biocomputer, 14,


Pacesetter Group, 10; Palatin Technologies, 15, 56;,

651; Pharmacopeia, 15, 58; PharmaSeq, 54; Physiome Sciences, 54;


15; Polytherapeutics, 58; Praelux, 54; Princeton Management


10; Princeton Securities Corp., 63; Princeton Trade & Technology,

61; Princeton University, 53; Sage Group, 15; Sarnoff, 53; Secure

Commerce Services, 61; Senesco, 55; Seq Inc., 54; Small Molecule


56; Therics, 58; Tyger Scientific, 58; UDC, 61; Veritas, 58.

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To the Editor

As a "suddenly single" bachelor I read Melinda Sherwood’s

article on the singles scene with interest. While not, strictly


singles groups there’s two divorce/widowed/single self-help groups,

that might be of interest to your readers. One meets Monday nights

at 7:30 at St. Gregory ‘s in Hamilton (call Judi @ 585-2037) and the

other meets 7:30 at the Hopewell Presbyterian Church on Wednesday

nights. They both to one degree or another schedule some social


Incidentally, I think it was Groucho Marx not Woody Allan, who coined

the phrase about not wanting to join a club that would have him for

a member.=

Bob Kenny

Law Offices of Robert Kenny, Esq., CPA

A Professional Limited Liability Company 212 Carnegie Center, Suite

206 Princeton, New Jersey 08540-6236 email:

URL: Fax: 609-275-1041 Tel:


Lawyer Joke:

What do you call 500 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? A good start.

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