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To the Editor: Saving River Towns

Very soon, Governor Jon Corzine will be in your community, holding a Town Hall Meeting to promote his plan to increase tolls.

Before the Governor asks us to dig further into our pockets and turn over more of our hard earned money to the State of NJ, he should review the budget and see where our tax dollars are being spent unnecessarily.

Did you know that hundreds of millions of tax dollars were spent to repair New Jersey’s infrastructure when the Delaware River overflowed its banks in 2004, 2005 and 2006? Prior to 2001, there had been no flooding since 1955.

Over the years, the daily amount of water taken from the Delaware River has remained the same, however, beginning in 2001 and continuing to this day, NYC DEP diverting less water on a daily basis, thus leading to "spilling over" reservoirs. Add in the touch of Mother Nature and the Reservoirs are spilling over billions of gallons of water into the Delaware River, which overflows and in some cases destros towns and wreaks havoc on New Jersey’s infrastructure.

Why should NJ taxpayers have to pay millions of dollars for repairs when the damage was as a result of our neighbor, NYC DEP’s mismanagement of their Reservoirs?

If I were your neighbor and I caused damage to your property, would you not look to me to pay for the damage? Would you not look to me to remedy the problem so that the damage would not occur again, and again and again? Merely lowering the Cannonsville, Pepacton and Neversink Reservoirs to 80 percent would provide a safety void!

Why doesn’t Governor Corzine address this issue and defend the taxpayers in the State of NJ from the repeated onslaught of flooding and the resultant wasting of hundreds of millions of dollars in tax money spent to repair New Jersey’s infrastructure instead of asking us to hand over more of our hard earned money? Even if you don’t live in a county directly affected by the river, you are still paying the 100’s of millions of dollars in State taxes to fix everything every time it floods! We need to demand that our Governor address this issue and the resultant wasteful spending of our tax dollars.

Sharron Dallas

Stockton, NJ

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