Top Of PageTo the Editor: Creative Thanks

The Art Directors Club of New Jersey (ADCNJ) applauds your editorial

decision to focus on "Creativity at Work" as the cover story for your

January 2 issue.

We are particularly delighted to see that this issue included

highlights from two speakers who made presentations at the fourth

annual "Thinking Creatively" conference, which received coverage by

two of your talented reporters, Bart Jackson and Karen Hodges Miller.

Organized by the Design Center at Kean University of New Jersey and

the ADCNJ, this conference features dozens of presentations that

promote and celebrate the value of creative thinking in the workplace

and beyond.

We extend an invitation for U.S. 1 readers to be part of the fifth

annual "Thinking Creatively conference, which will be held on Friday

and Saturday, April 4 and 5, at Kean University in Union. Information

about this year’s speakers, topics, and registration details will soon

be posted at our website (, or contact the ADCNJ office

at 201-997-1212.

Again, thank you for providing interested reading on creativity in the


James Smith

President, ADCNJ

Top Of PageUncluttered Minds

In response to Richard K. Rein’s column on the never-ending battle

with clutter (U.S. 1, January 9, I wanted to bring a valuable website

to your readers’ attention. The site ( is a

collaboration of the Overbrook Foundation, the National Wildlife

Federation, and the Merck Family Fund, among several others.

Their mission is to provide a free solution to the inundation of

unwanted catalogs that infest our mailboxes daily. Through this

collaboration, you are able to register from this single site to

delete your address from mailing lists of your choosing.

The range of companies that the site can access is exceptionally

extensive. By simply entering the data on the back of the catalog, the

site enables you to put an end to the irritating intrusions of

unwanted clutter. Most importantly it allows you to take positive

action to reduce the amount of junk mail and waste of valuable


Ellen E. Whiting

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