We have no idea why we are picking this moment to make this observation, but we make it nonetheless: We are for change. We like change, we always have liked change, and we are eager not just to talk about change, but to effect change. People want change and people need change and we are ready to bring change, without compromising any of our steadfast positions on important matters.

Talk of change reminds us not only of politicians but also of New Year’s resolution. If yours is to simplify your life then you might want to read the Interchange column on page 5 or the Richard K. Rein column on page 47 – both of which deal with clutter.

We share the concern about clutter and one place where we are fighting clutter is in our E-mail inboxes. This is good time to remind you how you can best get our attention via the magic of the "send" button.

For general business news items, please direct them to kspring@princetoninfo.com. For releases having to do with the arts and entertainment, direct your missives to Preview editor Jamie Saxon – jsaxon@princetoninfo.com.

If you would like to submit a notice for an business meeting, please send it to meetings@princetoninfo.com – Survival Guide editor Scott Morgan will get it. A notice for a non-business event? Direct it to Events editor Lynn Miller: events@princetoninfo.com.

Last but not least, letters to the editor or opinion pieces for our Interchange column should go to the editor himself: rein@princetoninfo.com. And take with a grain of salt his comments about the clutter in Rein’s E-mail inbox – he may not throw your letter away but he will certainly read it, and often get it into print.


Our December 5 issue featured an intriguing Survival Guide story on a business trainer who uses a blues quartet and music singalongs to help trigger strategic thinking among business men and women. Though the appearance of the trainer, Paul Kwiecinski, was at a meeting of the American Society for Training and Development in Totowa – well beyond our normal coverage area – we ran the item nevertheless. We figured if we were intrigued others might also be.

Kwiecinski followed up with a thank you note and a correction: We had misspelled the last name of his business coaching mentor, Alain Cardon. Along with that correction, he noted that several people who read about the meeting in U.S. 1 had made the trek to Totowa, including "a business owner of a sound design company, was a great singer."

So next time you have news of an upcoming event, even if it’s relatively far afield, bear in mind our E-mail addresses above and remember another one of our rules: When in doubt, send it out.

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