Letter: Realty Tax

The Monmouth County Association of Realtors opposes the bills (A-3190/S-2643, A-3341, A-3387 and S-2080) before the New Jersey Legislature that would increase the state home sales tax or realty transfer fee. These bills would allow local municipalities to charge a tax in addition to the taxes currently collected by the state.

Any and all of these bills would cause an unnecessary hardship on many home buyers and sellers in an already strained market. They would increase closing costs and raise home prices while reducing home equity. Many sellers have worked hard to build equity in their homes and rely on it to help fund another home purchase or financial goal. The effects would be felt by people buying or selling a home from first-time home buyers to families to retiring seniors.

The Monmouth County Association of Realtors urges people to visit www.njhometax.com and contact their state representatives to stop the tax. We implore our elected officials to consider the negative impacts of these bills and to act responsibly and vote against all legislation that calls for hikes in real estate taxes.

Ellen W. Kale, president

Monmouth County Association

of Realtors

We’re Here Too

We are a Baltimore-based company, with an office on Lenox Drive, and we serve many clients in the Princeton area. I think you may have missed us in your article on the Inc. 5000 (U.S. 1, September 19).

WebbMason is growing nationwide as a company; we have also experienced a tremendous amount of growth within the greater Princeton area during the past six years. Our services include creative, direct mail printing, corporate print collateral, distribution and warehousing, mailing services, and promotional product Items.

Rich Morelli,

Vice president of sales/founder, WebbMason, 989 Lenox Drive

Editor’s note: The Inc. 5000 story covered only those companies that are headquartered in greater Princeton. For instance, we did not cover Artcraft, Edible Arrangements, and Capitol Lighting; they have a presence here but are headquartered elsewhere.


As the owner of the building located at 23 Orchard Road in Skillman, I would like to correct several inaccuracies in your article (U.S. 1, October 3). The building is not for sale. Computer Associates is renting 75,000, not 170,000 square feet. And Blessing White is not the only tenant remaining in the building.

James P. Herring

Owner, Herring Properties

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