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To the Editor No New Warehouse

How many more tractor trailers does it take to make living and

traveling on Route 130 a total nightmare?

If Matrix’s current plan for a 150-plus bay warehouse on Route 130 and

Friendship Road and plans for six more warehouses nearby are approved,

you would soon have an answer.

Picture tractor trailers rolling along one after another, lining up to

get on and off the NJ Turnpike at Exit 8A. How many cups of coffee

would you consume before entering the toll plaza? How many phone calls

could you make? Your car would become your office! Pack a lunch.

And while you are sitting in traffic, consider the amount of diesel

exhaust you are inhaling even with your windows closed and air

conditioner running full blast. Don’t forget to pack a gas mask. And

the whole scenario would be repeated for your return trip.

It takes one of these big trucks 30 seconds to make a three-lane turn.

A traffic light stays green for 40 seconds. With a mere 10-second

margin, you will have more time stuck in traffic.

Now picture this. A southbound tractor trailer or car traveling at 55

m.p.h., downhill towards Georges Road collides with another tractor

trailer exiting onto Route 130 from the proposed Matrix warehouse


Quick timing and rapid reactions will be needed for all drivers to

safely navigate this dangerous corridor.

Do we really need the added congestion and increased accidents on

Route 130 in South Brunswick inevitable with the addition of the

Matrix warehouse complexes? There is already a glut of vacant

warehouses in the Township.

Concerned citizens should attend the next meeting of the South

Brunswick Planning Board to be held at the Municipal Building on

Wednesday, August 15, at 7:30 p.m.

Show your concern by attending this meeting. Time is short and we must

show our opposition and make a difference.

Judith Caccavale, Lynne Hyman, Elisabeth King, Elisabeth Nisbet Concerned Citizens of South Brunswick


In "Bend & Stretch: Flexible Jazz" (July 18) we incorrectly stated

that pianist Meral Guneyman teaches at Philadelphia’s Curtis Institute

of Music. She currently teaches at Settlement Music School in

Philadelphia and was a staff pianist at Curtis earlier in her career.

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