July 4 Deadlines

You will see no U.S. 1 deliverers next Wednesday, July 4. And our office will be closed that day. But you will see us on Tuesday, July 3, bearing the next issue of what we hope is your favorite business and entertainment weekly.

To accommodate that early delivery date our paper will go to the printer at the end of the day Friday, June 29. That means that news releases, display ads, and classified ads all must be sent our way ASAP, and no later than noon on June 29. The office will be open on Monday and Tuesday, July 2 and 3, but we will not be able to take any changes for the next issue. The office reopens on Thursday, July 5, and our regular schedule resumes for the issue of Wednesday, July 11.

We Hear You

The July issue of Inc. magazine has a telling article about the importance of listening to your customers. Listen, yes, the piece suggests, but don’t always act on what your customers say. The best example was from Internet postings by Microsoft customers when Windows was first released. If Microsoft had heeded the posters’ advice, it would have withdrawn Windows from its product line — and lost billions of dollars in revenue.

So we greeted a note received this week from an anonymous reader with an appropriate grain of salt. The reader had compared our 2007 Health & Fitness Directory, delivered last Wednesday, June 20, with our 2003 edition of the same book.

“While perusing your latest Heath & Fitness Directory I noticed a decline in the number of retailers listed under the ‘Health Food’ category in comparison to my old copy of your issue from for years ago — surprisingly, given that it’s a growth industry.

“Did a cruel conspiracy or editing/production glitch unintentionally eliminate two of my most-frequented spots — Olive May II (which has replaced Wild Oats), and the nonprofit (!) Whole Earth Center (founded in 1970 for heaven’s and earth’s sake!), which both thrives and is undergoing expansion?”

After listening to the concern of our reader, our first temptation was to hang our Health & Fitness editors out to dry: How could the 2007 directory have fewer listings than in 2003? Especially since we all know that our aging population is turning health and fitness into a growth industry.

But then we did some investigation. In fact, our current edition has more than 1,525 listings, up from 1,300 in 2003. And somehow we managed to cram all of them into the same number of pages.

As for the health food category, we are in the midst of a dreaded category conundrum:

Since so many supermarkets and grocery stores now offer “natural foods” we left out the obvious ones, including not only the Whole Earth Center and the new Olive May but also the big Whole Foods on Route 1. Maybe it’s time for a new category. We are listening to our reader’s comments, but not acting, at least not yet.

For those of you who did not get a 2007 Directory, please stop by our office for your free copy or E-mail us: info@princetoninfo.com. Please put H&F Directory in the subject line and tell us where we can send one (or a handful more if you can use them).


Due to an editorial error we misidentified the co-chair and president of the board of Artworks in “Artworks Pulls an All-Nighter” (June 20). Her name is Anne LaBate, not Anne Gabe.

P.S. One of our editors caught some of the fun of Artworks’ 24-hour art-a-thon inn Trenton this past Sunday morning (the event started on Saturday, June 23, at 3 p.m., and went through until Sunday, June 24, at 3 p.m.). The editor reports it was wonderful to see Artworks’ galleries teeming with art in all different media by artists of all ages and levels, and art lovers of all different ages taking part in the activities and spectacle.

For more information visit www.artworkstrenton.org.

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