Queries are coming in about Summer Fiction issue, the one time during the year when we print fiction and poetry. The publication date will be Wednesday, July 25. The deadline for submissions is Friday, June 22. Send submissions to fiction@princetoninfo.com and follow up your E-mail (especially for poetry) with a printed version.

We remind prospective contributors that this is not a contest. Rather we are seeking an entertaining sampling of the writing being created by our colleagues in the greater Princeton business community and our neighbors in central New Jersey — in short the people who read this paper.

Do we play favorites? Yes: The previously unpublished writer who works at Carnegie Center may well be chosen over the experienced writer from Montclair who heard about our issue from his niece and wants to add another publishing credit to his resume. So please include with your submission a brief biography and resume information. Your submission might not be considered without it.

Another consideration: Simple fairness — every year someone who has patiently submitted works in prior years but has never been published may get the nod over someone whose work has been previously published.

We will greet all the writers — published or not — at our annual Summer Fiction reception in August, at a time and place to be determined. We welcome your submissions, and look forward to meeting you in person. For encouragement consider another of editor Richard K. Rein’s “lessons of life:” When in doubt, send it out.

To the Editor

Give me a break! And, are you for real? That’s what I say as a resident of South Brunswick about the State Department of Transportation not being able to fund widening the 6.3 miles of Route 1 in South Brunswick to three lanes.

This must be done. It is no secret that traffic flow is horrendous and the public’s safety is at risk. South Brunswick citizens are affected, as well as the many from other communities who use Route 1. Go ask the South Brunswick police about how long it takes them to get across town during normal business hours.

The only way to get the Route 1 widening problem fixed in South Brunswick, not just a temporary fix but a permanent fix, is to tell our governor and legislators that the citizens of South Brunswick will not vote for them until the permanent remedy is funded. Remember, no fix, no re-election.

John G. O’Sullivan

33 Wexford Drive,

Monmouth Junction

See story, page 48.


In the May 9 spring Dining issue, the round-up of fabulous bars that function as dining tables as well as watering holes, omitted contact information for Main Street Bistro and Bar.

Main Street is at the Princeton Shopping Center, 301 North Harrison Street, Princeton 08540; 609-921-2779; fax, 609-921-6801. Home page: www.mainstreetprinceton.com

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