Our Survival Guide section in this issue introduces a new term for a very old concept: The term: Edu-marketing, which will be the subject of a May 8 meeting of the Business Marketing Association — see page 6. The old concept: That people can be reached and products can be sold with something other than the hype and sizzle of advertising.

We have been using the concept for years by inviting advertisers to produce stories — advertorials, we call them — in conjunction with their display ads. Yes, sometimes the advertorials are self-serving and low in content, but not always. In this issue, for example, we were surprised to see a candid and informative description of the Princeton real estate market offered by one of our advertisers.

Princeton does indeed have a rich corporate culture, says Vince Marano of National Business Parks in an advertiser-sponsored feature on page 20, but the community is hindered, Marano asserts, by a significant impediment to its long-range growth: lack of infrastructure.

“Princeton is home to some of the world’s most innovative corporations, it has a remarkable quality of life, a great talent pool and a rich cultural and intellectual life, yet it lacks the means to get around,” writes Marano. “We are without major roadways and no mass transportation facilities. If the region is to continue on positive long-term growth and compete in the global marketplace this will have to be addressed.”

It’s a good point and one that is echoed way back on page 69 of this issue, in Richard K. Rein’s column on the ongoing efforts to develop a transit village and mass transit hub at the Princeton Junction train station in West Windsor. Will it ever happen? Judging from Rein’s column, there are no guarantees.

Upcoming Issues

Just two weeks after distributing the new U.S. 1 Business Directory, and it is time to start working on the U.S. 1 Health and Fitness Directory, to be published in June. Soon we will be faxing to doctors, dentists, hospitals, health clubs, therapists, spas, trainers — any professional practice or enterprise that qualifies to be in this directory, asking them to update the listings.

If you have a business that you think should be in the health and fitness directory, and you think we might not know about you, now is the time to get into our database. Fax the relevant information to 609-452-0033. In addition to name, address, phone, fax, and web page, also tell about what you do.

We find faxing to be a more fail-safe way of communicating than E-mail, but we will accept E-mail submissions as well. Send them to info@princetoninfo.com with “U.S. 1 Directory Submission” in the subject line.

In the meantime it is not too late for residential real estate brokers and agents to participate in our biannual survey of houses that are currently on the market. It will be published May 16. We have solicited information from the brokers in our readership area — please call if you need an extra listing form. And listings of houses for sale by owner are also welcomed.

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