To the Editor:Easing Traffic Jams At Harrison & Route 1

There are tremendous delays at the Harrison-Route 1 intersection. The intersection is operating very inefficiently when the light turns green for the waiting Harrison Street traffic. There is a conflict between traffic leaving the popular Sunoco station and Eden Way, which is one way. When going toward Princeton it is very dangerous to enter Harrison Street from the Sunoco station or Eden Way because the vehicles waiting in line obscure the sight of Princeton-bound traffic on Harrison Street.

It seems very logical to change Eden Way back to its original 1970 direction, away from Harrison Street. Likewise, the Sunoco gas station should not exit on Harrison Street. This traffic can use Route 1 and the Fisher Place jug handle. These changes will eliminate delay when the light is green.

Presently, West Windsor and Princeton are trying to get the state to finance a second lane on the right as one approaches Route 1 from Harrison Street. This would increase the capacity of the intersection and reduce delays and pollution. The new design would provide two left-turning lanes. And, if Eden Way were used, there would be a right-turning way during peak flows. Eden Way has only two set-back residences on the east side and open land on the west side. The Eden Institute prefers exiting onto Route 1.

Use of both Eden Way and Fisher Place would facilitate the movement of traffic between Princeton and West Windsor for business and educational pursuits.

Richard Jesser

540 Prospect Avenue, Princeton

Creative Thinking Draws a Crowd

Thank you for your splendid pre-event coverage of the fourth annual “Thinking Creatively” conference (U.S. 1, March 28). Organized by the Design Center at Kean University of New Jersey and the Art Directors Club of New Jersey (ADCNJ), this conference features dozens of presentations that promote and celebrate the value of creative thinking in the workplace and beyond.

Under the direction of Kathleen McGinn Spring, your talented reporters, Karen Hodges Miller and Bart Jackson, captured the essence of three of our featured speakers: John Langdon, Daniel Reeve, and Gail Anderson.

We credit your coverage as part of the reason why we surpassed our target goal of 225 attendees, attracting more than 285 attendees. We especially appreciated the opportunity to distribute this issue of U.S. 1 during our two-day conference.

Again, thank you for your interest in our work. We are dedicated to promoting excellence in communications through New Jersey.

James Smith

President, ADCNJ


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