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To the Editor: The Gay Life

Just wanted to thank and congratulate and praise you for doing a cover story on gay life in Princeton (U.S. 1, Octoiber 25). I didn’t know there was much! And I certainly didn’t think that the community would be accepting.

As the sister of a 35-year-old gay male, I now have more confidence in encouraging my brother to perhaps settle in this lovely Princeton area. I hope that your other readers have been accepting and encouraging to your cover story.

If you want more enthusiastic perspective please let me know!

Leacy Pryor


Another Take On Film Series

After reading Renee Solnik’s letter in your November 15 issue, I feel compelled to respond. Labeling her letter “Artistic Rip-Off?” is a gross injustice to the Filmmakers Symposium. The contents of her letter mislead the public about the true nature of this symposium.

I have been going to these premieres since 1992 and can honestly say it has been most enjoyable and certainly changed the way I view movies. I consider myself a “film buff,” having seen thousands of films since my childhood. The idea of discussing brand new films before they are released and possibly meeting “directors and celebrities” is what drew me in many years ago. And over the past 14-plus years, I have seen more diverse films than I ever would have gone to a theater to watch.

But you cannot judge a program on two weeks of “no guests.” I have seen well over 300 movies at this symposium and the vast majority of the time was with a guest or guests. Many times these guests were extremely enlightening into what they did to make their film a reality. Whether it was one of the stars, the director, the producer or even the most obscure collaborator involved with the movie, they ALL lent insight into the making of that film. Hence, the name Filmmakers Symposium.

Take time to actually watch the credits next time you go the movies or watch a DVD. The list of names that follow can be mind-boggling, but that is just a list of names. We have had the pleasure to meet and hear from so many of these different people with different crafts, who all have a part in putting a movie together.

George J. Delfino


Renee Solnik has been very quick to judge Chuck Rose’s Filmmakers Symposium so harshly while taking the experience she had so personally. Too bad Renee didn’t come to one of the many free nights Chuck has offered the past 10 weeks.

Please understand the symposium is not a “real class” with grades or tests, but to those of us who attend, we treat it as such and learn so much from every discussion whether there is a speaker present or not. Chuck is a professional in filmmaking and has years of knowledge behind his lectures and shares his insights as well as the filmmakers’. When a guest cannot be present he does his homework, he talks at length with the filmmakers in order to give his “students” the interesting discussion post film every week.

Do I find the rules “insulting?” Not in the least. I welcome the rules and am thrilled that cell phones, beepers, and talking is looked down on. I like to read credits, I like seeing my friends’ names or my friends daughters’ names roll by on the big screen.

Carol Lewis Wiley


I have been attending Chuck Rose’s Film Symposium for 16 years. I have traveled to six different theaters and up to one hour each way. For a real film fan it is the best forum to watch films.

As for not having guests, we do have guests most of the time. Over the years we have had some big names but a great many of the most interesting guests have been people who have jobs we aren’t familiar with like production designers, cinematographers, editors etc.

To be able to go to the movies in this day and age and view a film in silence is a rare treat.

Doreen Wood


Upon reading the above mentioned article while at work my jaw dropped. I was appalled!

Over almost 15 years, I can’t even count how many intriguing films we’ve seen, how many fascinating guests we have listened to, and how much knowledge I have gained from Chuck Rose.

Despite the fact that there weren’t guests on the two nights that Ms. Solnik mentioned, I know how hard he works to get guests. Among the guests we’ve had over the years are directors, producers, writers, cinematographers, actors, and professors from Princeton and other universities. Years ago Chuck showed us “Schindler’s List” and he tracked down a remarkable woman who had been depicted in the film. Spending some time with her was an honor.

I look forward to another 15 years of attending Film Symposium. It’s too bad that Ms. Solnik didn’t get what this class is all about. The fact that she wrote a scathing letter about something she didn’t understand is appalling.

Hannah Schussel


Editor’s note: For more information on the series, go to www.privatescreenings.org.

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