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Between The Lines

Every week, from phone calls and E-mail, we get several requests for information. Last week people asked for information on a divorce attorney, a same-day courier, and a poem that we, uncharacteristically, had printed. Surely there are intriguing stories behind these requests, but we will probably never find out what they are.

This week, however, we answered an unusual query, and maybe we’ll try to follow up on this one. A Yahoo subscriber, writing that he was an H1B visa-seeking aspirant, wanted information on a company that has successfully helped software engineers immigrate to the United States. (Employers, not workers, must request the H1B visa, and it must be for a specialized, usually high tech, job). We replied with instructions on how to locate our article on this company.

The very next E-mail was a diatribe from People from the American Way, talking about immigration reform, inveighing against the bill sponsored by Senator Bill Frist, and calling for demonstrations around the country on April 10.

Next to that was a newsletter from, the 20-person Internet publishing company on Cornwall Drive in North Brunswick that delivers health management websites. In one article it claims that more than one-fourth of the physicians doing patient care in the United States came from medical schools outside the country, and it stated that the percentages are even higher in nephrology, cardiology, and internal medicine (Health Leaders, March, 2006).

And on the same day in a Google list (we get daily Google searches on each municipality in our coverage area, and this one brought up all the articles mentioning Lawrenceville) we found a report from an immigration expert, David P. Repovich, director of the Rider University Institute for New Jersey Politics. As published on (, Repovich predicts that immigration will be a nightmare for several House and Senate candidates in both parties. "The possibility for demagoguery on the immigration issue is obvious," he writes. "Which party can benefit from playing on voters’ legitimate concerns and their emotions is not so clear."

That set us thinking. On the day we are writing this, the newspaper goes to the printer and so does the U.S. 1 Business Directory. The names of those who run the more than 5,500 companies in the directory are still fresh in our minds. Software and other high tech categories are particularly strong on ethnic diversity.

Immigration will surely be an important issue, even for us in suburban New Jersey.

Directory Dates

On a more mundane note, today’s E-mail also brought a request to know when the directory would be published. A Prodigy subscriber noted that "it’s a great book and I have purchased it every year for the past several years."

Here’s the deal: The directory is at the printer, and we plan to distribute it Wednesday, April 19, along with the regular issue of U.S. 1 newspaper. Each company that gets delivery of the newspaper will get one copy of the directory. Every one else can buy it at bookstores or at 12 Roszel Road for $18.95.

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