To the Editor:

How Do You Access Future Events?

Quick comment: I love the U.S. 1 paper. I appreciate the fact that I receive it at no cost and it is readily available. Your event listings and in-depth articles related to the events are helpful and quite informative. I have taken advantage of the information to decide whether or not to attend these events.

Quick question: I get the paper at work on the day of publication. If I don’t get to read the paper at work that day, I miss some of the events mentioned in the in-depth articles. Is it possible to list or detail events a week ahead of time?

Larry Ward

Sirius Satellite Radio,

989 Lenox Drive

Editor’s note: Ward is working on some of the projects, specifically mobile video, that were featured in the U.S. 1 cover story on Sirius Satellite Radio on November 2.

We were glad he asked this question, because it gives us a chance to remind all our readers that they can consult our online calendar of events at our website,

Thanks to the listings posted by staffer Lynn Miller you can look up events for tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. Are you having out of town guests for the President’s Day weekend? We already have 33 events listed for that weekend, ranging from a hockey game to a children’s musical. You can choose one category (folk music? family fun? business meetings?) or several categories. For instance, if you are a jazz aficionado, you can print out all the jazz for the next six months. We have 22 jazz concerts listed so far, ranging from local groups to Dave Brubeck.

As for the paper version of U.S. 1, we know that some people don’t get to read the paper until the evening on Wednesday or Thursday. For that very reason, we always print Preview Events at least through the following Wednesday, and we try to include Business Meetings through the following Friday. As you read this edition, take a peek at the listings for Wednesday, December 7, so you don’t miss what might be the perfect holiday treat – maybe the State Museum’s big fundraiser, the Red Bow Boutique at the War Memorial from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., or the Jersey Model Railroad Club holiday display at Kuser Farm Mansion, from 6 to 9 p.m.

Also look for our 2006 wall calendar, scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday, December 21. The calendar offers another way to plan ahead, because it has memos of dozens of important dates – theater openings, sports events, art openings, galas, concerts – for the entire year. For detailed information on any particular day you can go back to our website or consult the current issue of the newspaper.


The correct spelling of the names of the owners of Camelot Auctions (featured in our story on November 23): Frank and Monica Carper. The veterinarian is David Foster. Camelot, at 43 Brickhouse Road, Cranbury, holds horse auctions every Wednesday.

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