Given the condition of New Jersey’s transportation trust fund (depleted to the point where they are now talking about selling the New Jersey Turnpike), the remote possibility of any increase in the gasoline tax to replenish the fund, and the general deterioration of our highway infrastructure, we were sorely tempted to write about the big picture of traffic in this issue, and forget our home base: Route 1.

But, as senior editor Barbara Fox discovered, the story of Route 1 and the strategy for improving it fits neatly into the big picture. As Department of Transportation Commissioner Jack Lettiere has said, "Widening roads can no longer be the primary solution to addressing congestion. We are now trying to work with towns so that they consider transportation in the land use equation. It’s never been done in New Jersey before." For example, the DOT is looking at more than just Route 1 as it assesses the impact of the proposed expansion at Quakerbridge Mall.

Our annual survey aims to provide objective information for those who bemoan rush hour and how "bad" it is. Now that the Nassau Park light has been removed, traffic gets clogged at Alexander and Washington roads and Harrison Street (a tangle that could be unsnarled by the proposed Millstone Bypass). Thanks to the drivers who braved this year’s rush hour: Robert Innella, Marie Rendine, T.J. Lee, and William Vandegrift.

To the Editor: Whitman Misses It

I read with interest the preview of former Governor Whitman’s appearance (U.S. 1, September 21). She really misses the point. First of all we have a news media "out of control." Dan Rather is an example; also the New York Times. They print and write anything they want, always on the left.

The fact is that most people disagree with Whitman and agree with Reagan. The left is so outrageously prejudiced that a highly qualified judge like John Roberts is given the third degree. If you don’t agree with the left, then you are a fascist. New Jersey has the highest income in the U.S., yet it is broke. Why? It is because of all these phony problems and stealing – Whitman’s fault.

She was a terrible governor and basically quit New Jersey before her term was up. Then she got booted out of her job in Washington. What we need is a press that is fair and objective. Clinton had a good economy because he cut the armed services and turned the other cheek when we were attacked (the embassies, naval ships, first World Trade center, Somalia, etc., 26 incidents). Bush inherited this mess, yet the press doesn’t mention this. How come?

Charles Parmele

Parmele, McDermott & Thomas

251 Wall Street, Princeton


In our Fall Arts Preview (September 21) the phone number for New Jersey Opera Theater was incorrect. The correct number is 609-799-7700. You may also visit

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