Pat Tanner’s August 24 cover story on "Know the No-Nos of Dining," with photos taken at Lahiere’s, brought a quick response from Craig Covino, catering sales manager for the Doral Forrestal. Covino heartily agrees with the need for "manners" instruction and, in fact, has scheduled a series of etiquette classes, entitled "Confidence in Dining," at the Doral for this fall. He will start with classes for school-aged children, accompanied by an adult, and then offer some for young adults, up to age 20 (

"One of the interesting pieces of information I picked up along the way," writes Covino, "is that Princeton area restaurants would prefer children who use proper etiquette. If children in a particular restaurant are mannerly, he says, "a restaurant will gain a broader base of customers who appreciate the standards where they dine. Let’s face it, the youth of America needs better manners and it is the executive/professional mom or dad who needs to take the first step."

Covino also points out when he showed the paper around at the Doral, everyone noticed the double mistake in the third photo. Our model was buttering all his bread at once and also using the wrong butter dish, the one on his right.

If you, too, have trouble deciphering where to turn on a crowded banquet table, think "Food on the left, drink on the right," and remember it easily because both "food" and "left" have four letters. What to do if your dining partner misappropriates the wrong butter dish, yours? Perch your bread on the side of your dinner plate, one expert says. Or pretend you didn’t want all those calories anyway.

To the Editor:

No Fence Needed

Decision-makers in Princeton should do all they can to help stores like Shop the World thrive and remain in this town (U.S. 1, August 24). Shop the World is a fair trade store that carries unique, often one of a kind gifts hand made by villagers and crafts people in developing countries.

I also think the Princeton public library plaza would be a much more interesting and enjoyable place if it was surrounded by fun stores like Shop the World. Constructing a fence or other obstacle would make the plaza feel less friendly and it would look much uglier. Please do not block access to Shop the World from the Princeton public library plaza!

Tsering Yangdon

Cuyler Road

A Vote for the Bard

We totally agree with the comments of David S. Newton in his letter to the editor about Princeton Rep. We are extremely disappointed that there will be no Shakespeare this summer at Pettoranella Gardens.

These Shakespeare plays are wonderfully performed and a gift to the people of greater Princeton. We don’t have to go to New York City; we have our own very professional production right here.

The Princeton Recreation Department has not served Princeton well in this matter.

Nishat Lehmkuhl

76 Mountain Avenue

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