Summertime, and the reading is easy. We think so, at least, as we take our annual two-week summer break – we will skip the issue of August 3 and resume on August 10 – to present to you the original short stories and poems of U.S. 1’s readers.

As we have said often in the past, what makes this issue particularly engaging is that much of the work is from previously unpublished authors and many of them are people who toil away in cubicles not so far from our own. We invite you to read their work, beginning on page 13 of this issue. And we also invite you to join us at Tre Piani restaurant in Princeton Forrestal Village on Thursday, August 11, from 5 to 7 p.m. We will introduce the writers, read a few excerpts of their work, and raise a glass or two in their honor.

Letters: NJT Misses Again

New Jersey Transit’s design of the new transit village at the Princeton Junction railroad station does not contain the most needed item, additional PARKING. NJ Transit’s design of the nearby Hamilton railroad station with very inadequate parking, along with the three-year wait to get a parking permit at Princeton Junction should have been the "vision."

Dick Stone

The Stone Group,

Human Resource Consulting

Plainsboro’s Jolt

The following letter was directed to the mayor of Plainsboro Township, Peter Cantu:

Dear Mayor Cantu

I am a 23-year resident of Plainsboro and have voted for you repeatedly. I am writing to tell you that I am outraged at the tax bill I just received — up $2,100 over last year. The taxes on my two bedroom townhome are now over $6,000.

I am a senior citizen living on a fixed income. I was under the impression that Plainsboro’s many ratables would keep our tax rate down. I do understand that we have had a revaluation of our homes.

Like myself, many homeowners will be seriously affected by this increase. Our incomes are not rising as our expenses are. I would appreciate knowing what you think can be done about this financial jolt.

Phyllis Spiegel


Regarding the article "One Artist, Many Palettes" in the July 20 issue of U.S. 1: many and most sincere thanks to Jamie Saxon and Michele Alperin for the encompassing and thoroughly enjoyable article about my scholarly, literary, and artistic activities. I appreciate the effort and results, and am very grateful to U.S. 1 for the coverage. Thus, I regret to beg for the following correction of my former professor’s and adviser’s name:

Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann [not Thomas Costa Kaufmann, as was reported in your issue].

Eva Jana Siroka

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