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To the Editor: Where the Boys Are

Thank you for Jamie Saxon’s enjoyable and informative article "Where the Boys Are: Balancing Work and Health," on men and self care/stress reduction modalities. Jamie has a wonderful way of getting a message across in a clear and accessible way.

Five of the professional men featured in the story have been taking classes at the Princeton Center for Yoga & Health (including the "Cover Guy" for the Health and Fitness Directory, Phil Macias) and shared the remarkable benefits of making this commitment to themselves through yoga. We’ve already had a couple of phone calls and visits from men who have been seeking new ways to deal with persistent stress-related conditions. I believe the article broke the ice and will encourage men to try approaches to self care which can be so helpful.

Due to a myriad of stereotypes and misconceptions, men typically take a back seat to women in taking time out to replenish and renew. I’m hopeful that the article broke some of these barriers and will benefit the men in our communities and the families who love them.

One does not have to be athletic or in shape to participate in or derive benefits from a yoga practice and athletes and those who have an active fitness routine can also benefit. In addition to some of the more vigorous styles, like Power Yoga and Hot Yoga (which are strength building styles and also promote flexibility for tight and overworked muscle groups), we have classes like Ageless Yoga (for those who think they can’t do yoga), Yoga for Golfers, and in the fall, new classes like Therapeutic Yoga and Inner Balance Yoga (for those who have or are at risk of having Type II Diabetes).

Deborah Metzger, Director

Princeton Center for Yoga & Health

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