To the Editor: Forrestal Site For Hospital?

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War Is Hell, Not a Video Game

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This article was prepared for the April 27, 2005

issue of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.

Between the Lines

Last week was Directory Week at U.S. 1 and the vast majority of the

companies have received the 2005 edition of this business-to-business

resource guide. And we have received our first official correction,

which we will air in public here and now so that others of you who

notice discrepancies in your listings will be encouraged to send in

the corrected information.

The first correction arrived by E-mail from John J. Lynch of Lynch &

Lynch, Certified Public Accountants, at 28 Taylor Road, RD 4,


"We’ve just received our new Business Directory and I noticed the fax

number is our old number. I know in the past you would contact us by

fax to update our info, but that would not have worked since our fax

number changed. I know it’s too late for this year but please change

our fax number for the future as follows:

Lynch & Lynch, fax: 732-274-0529 (formerly 732-329-0494).

We are happy to make the change, and we encourage others who want to

update or correct their information to notify us ASAP – no need to

wait for the next deadline.

About that "vast majority" we mentioned in the first sentence above:

After several months of editing and production, the 2005 Directory

arrived in our parking lot several hours ahead of schedule on Tuesday,

April 19. Little did we know that Wednesday, April 20, would be the

day of the multiple accidents that tied up traffic leading into the

Route 1 corridor for hours. By the end of the day we had all but

several hundred stops covered – we will follow up with more Directory

deliveries this Wednesday, April 27.

After today, there are still several options for obtaining a book. See

( for details.

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To the Editor: Forrestal Site For Hospital?

The University Medical Center of Princeton in searching for an

appropriate location that must take into account availability, access,

convenience, and support from the local community. In "redefining

care" the hospital is necessarily guided by changes in public and

private medical insurance coverage, as well as medical practice.

Health care delivery systems are changing rapidly, and any new

facility will be designed to accommodate the new practices.

One premier location that stands out is the Forrestal property on the

Princeton side of Route 1 and the northbound side of College Road.

There is sufficient land available, 50 to 100 acres, to build a full

service medical center with room for expansion, and preserved open

space. Moreover the existing facilities at Forrestal Village

complement a medical center. They include the Westin Hotel and

Windrows Nursing Home and Assisted Living facility. The Forrestal

Village shopping center is ideally suited for doctor’s offices,

laboratories, ambulatory surgery centers, physical therapy, and

associated services, with ample parking. These existing facilities,

recently built, will provide substantial economies over the building

of new structures for the same purpose.

There are many additional reasons for the appropriateness of this

location. Since some 80 percent of the patients of the Princeton

Health Care System live east of Route 1, it is easily accessible to

this client base. Automobiles and ambulances can quickly and easily

reach this site from the New Jersey Turnpike, Exit 8A, via Route 522,

or from East and West Windsor and Plainsboro via Dey Road and Scudders

Mill Road. The Hightstown bypass at Turnpike Exit 8 also has ready

access to this location. If Route 92 is constructed it will be right

there. For Princeton residents this location is easier to reach than

any other site suggested near Route 1.

The hotel is a vital component, for as patients come for treatment and

surgery, a hotel provides housing for pre-admission and pre-operative

testing and preparation. Current insurance policy does not fund

hospital stays for pre-operative procedures, or a preparation day in

the hospital. Consequently patients for planned major surgery are

often asked to sign in to the hospital at 2 or 3 a.m. so that

preparation procedures can be started. This is the policy at Robert

Wood Johnson Medical Center. Access to a hotel on the hospital campus

makes this more convenient both for the patient and the attending


I discovered this when my husband had various procedures prior to

cardiac bypass surgery at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital,

which has a hotel attached by a bridge. We stayed at the hotel before

each procedure, and I was able to stay during his surgery and

recovery. Many major medical centers provide this essential service.

Princeton University owns the property surrounding the Forrestal

Center, and has expressed an interest in working with the hospital to

resolve its location problems over a period of many years. Some

mutually satisfactory arrangement may be possible for exchange or

barter of land and hospital and Merwick.

This property is not only available, but it is some of the most

beautiful landscape in the region. The mature plantings of the

"windrows" create an esthetic space that has intact long vistas and

rolling meadows, with a viewscape looking over the village of Kingston

with its church steeples, to the Sourland mountains. Few properties

can provide such a healing environment in combination with making

possible a great research hospital.

An energy efficient building using environmentally sensitive design as

proposed in the LEED protocol would be a first in New Jersey. Solar

and wind power, deep earth heat pumps, and other technologies that

reduce our dependence on fossil fuel could be a national model for

conservation and innovative technology, reduce costs, and provide a

healthy environment.

Competition exists among hospitals for relocation sites, with two

center vying for location in Lawrenceville. In Trenton Capital Health

Systems, St. Francis, and RWJ-Hamilton are competing for space and

approval for services, and state certificates of need.

Suggested in the past, new conditions now make it an ideal site to

build a Princeton health care system to "provide the finest healthcare

facilities in the decades ahead."

Rosemary Miles Blair

1108 Kingston Road, Princeton

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Old Articles Die Hard

I just finished reading an on-line article by Barbara Fox dated

December 16, 1998, regarding the Enamelon Company. I have used

Enamelon toothpaste and want to get some more but cannot find a place

to buy it anywhere. I saw somewhere that it is now called Arm & Hammer

Enamel Care. I can’t find that either. I don’t even know if that is a

true statement anyhow.

I have called the telephone number of the CEO of Enamelon, as per the

article and that is no longer a valid number. Can you possibly provide

any information about the Enamelon company and whether or not it has

been taken over by a larger company? Thank you.

Editor’s note: The Enamelon company was indeed sold to Church &

Dwight, and that toothpaste is being marketed as Arm & Hammer Enamel

Care. Other readers have commented that they believe that formula

brightens their smiles.

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War Is Hell, Not a Video Game

While I support our troops, I believe it is time to end the misleading

recruiting practices of our military.

The military has started distributing video games in an effort to

connect with young people. These games make war seem like a lot of

fun, something that can be easily controlled, and if you get killed

just hit the reset button! In real life, dying or having your arm or

leg blown off is nothing like a video game. It’s for real, and it’s

permanent. Is a few thousand dollars for college three or four years

down the road worth dying for?

Noah Baron

30 Millbrook Drive,

Princeton Junction

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