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Between The Lines

You wouldn’t think that two worm poop businesses would spring up in

the same town, but they did, and the coverage on page 47 triggered

this cautionary tale about E-mail.

Last November 10 we printed a cover story about TerraCycle, which

grows red worms and harvests the worm castings to make "worm tea," or

organic fertilizer. Meanwhile another company was also selling that

unlikely product, worm tea, albeit in a different version and using a

different business model.

A deliverer brought the second company, Tech-Terra, to our attention

by collecting a business card. We did not immediately recognize the

company as being in the worm business. But when we called last week to

find out more, Ben Box, the manager, said that when he read the

earlier story, his company had tried to send an E-mail to U.S. 1, in

effect, raising its hand to say "we’re here too." We would have

welcomed that E-mail as a letter to the editor and potential


Box says the E-mail was sent to the general mailbox,, but we never read it. Maybe it was filtered

out by our anti-spam software. Or maybe Barbara Fox, the editor who

monitors the "info" mailbox, brushed past it, thinking it was just

another national press release.

So here is some advice about E-mailing us: Put words in the subject

line showing that your message is pertinent to our coverage area.

Words like "For Life in the Fast Lane" or "letter for Princeton

papers" or "news of Plainsboro-based entrepreneur" or "April 23 play

in Lawrenceville."

Send dated events to Community

announcements (including auditions, trips, and scholarships) also go

to Attach any photos. We prefer a size of 4

by 6 inches at 300 DPI but may be able to use other sizes. Deadlines?

Try to send it at least two weeks before publication or ASAP. It can

never be too soon.

Lynn Miller, our calendar editor, monitors the "events" box. She

forwards the business events to Kathleen McGinn Spring, Survival Guide

editor, and copies the arts events to Jamie Saxon, who manages the

Preview section. If you have a letter to the editor, direct it to

rein@princetoninfo. Releases sent to will also

be considered for publication in the West Windsor-Plainsboro News, our

sister paper. You do not need to send releases to both papers.

If you have a general business press release, use Classified ads go to

For general advertising questions, send to

Include all the information about your business, particularly its

location, so the message can be swiftly forwarded to the ad rep who

covers your area.

When you are sending E-mails, you may want to send a second copy by

fax to 609-452-0033 or by snail mail to our Roszel Road address.

Please do not (please, do not) send multiple copies to multiple

departments. We are still a small organization, and we can route a

single copy to the right person. Can anyone think of any other E-mail

advice or etiquette? If so, send it our way – our digital mailboxes

are open.

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