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This article was prepared for the March 2, 2005 issue of U.S. 1

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Between the Lines

Once again U.S. 1 finds itself at the crossroads of personal business

and business business. Our now annual camp issue helps working parents

cope with the dilemma of making arrangements for their children during

the summer months, and then making secondary arrangements during the

times (usually the week after school gets out and the week before

school starts again) when the primary camp is not in session.

Of course working parents don’t have to wait until summer to face

childcare challenges. As the recent snow days illustrate, parents in

the workplace face their own special challenges. If anyone has any

clever ideas for coping during a 90-minute delayed opening, or a 1

p.m. early dismissal, we are all ears.

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Directory Deadlines

By now most of the companies that will be listed in the 2005-’06 U.S.

1 Business Directory have heard from us. More than 5,000 faxes have

gone out; more than 700 letters have been mailed. We thank all of you

who have responded with corrections and additions to your company’s


And, yes, there is still time for last minute changes. If your company

has not heard from us at all, the chances are either a.) that we

categorize you as a retail, dining, or health and fitness provider, or

b.) that we just don’t know about you. If that’s the case and you want

to be listed, just mail or fax (609-452-0033) or E-mail

( your company’s particulars.

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To the Editor

When our agency expanded from a brownstone on West State Street in

Trenton to Interchange Plaza in Cranbury, we began to get delivery of

U.S. 1 Newspaper. We found many of the new vendors that we needed at

our new location in your pages, and we were also glad to be able to

use the U.S. 1 calendar for local events.

The Addiction Treatment Providers Management Services Network,

incorporated in 1997, provides professional education, training,

advocacy, and related services (

Robyn Marks

Public Relations Manager,

Addiction Treatment Providers, 101 Interchange Plaza, Cranbury

Editor’s note: See page 49 for details of the agency’s move.

The February 23 article "Reel Men Don’t Cry at the Movies" is

excellent. I want to commend U.S. 1 for its interest in the Real

Men/Reel Men: Beyond the Macho Myth" film and discussion series at the

Princeton Public Library and thank Deb Cooperman for the insightful

way she wrote this piece after interviewing those of us who worked on

putting it together.

As the underwriter of the series, I would just like to correct one

thing, the spelling of my family name. It’s Klotzburger, with a "u,"

not an "e."

Katherine M. Klotzburger

Page One Productions Inc,

True Story Specialists


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