Replies are coming in from our "Where are they now?" query. We had asked for information about people in archival photos in U.S. 1’s 2005 Calendar, which celebrated our 20th anniversary theme: "U.S. 1 – 20 Years Young."

Our first response was from Oregon, from George Cutsogeorge, one of a dozen people leaping in unison to help us illustrate a 1988 health and fitness issue. The photo, which ran on the cover of the new calendar, shows him with the Princeton Plasma Physics Volleyball team, celebrating a victory in an after-work game against another Forrestal Center company. Also on that team was Susan Cutsogeorge.

He wrote:

"My daughter, Diana Conway, sent me a copy of the U.S. 1 2005 calendar and I was surprised to see the picture of our PPPL volleyball team from 1988. I retired from PPPL in 1993 and am living in Umpqua, Oregon. At 72 I am not jumping as high, but I keep in shape at a local gym several days a week. Daughter Susan lives in Eugene, Oregon, where she is the city financial officer."

If you have news of other calendar subjects, please call us at 609-452-7000 or send an E-mail to the editor: When he is not busy serving as a human copying machine or hand-wringing water from wet laundry (see column, page 51), our boss also serves as an editor. And his yearning for the good old days notwithstanding, he is sufficiently proficient technologically to answer his own E-mail.

To the Editor:

Hogmanay Delights

Thanks in great part to U.S. 1’s marvelous story on Hogmanay celebrations on December 22, the Lawrence Historical Society was overwhelmed by the tremendous response to our New Year’s Eve Hogmanay bonfire. About 500 people came to send the old year off in a glorious burst of flame.

We were delighted to have so many new visitors to our 1761 Brearley House and the spacious Great Meadow that surrounds it.

Unfortunately, we soon ran out of hot cocoa, and Meadow Road ran out of room for two-way traffic. We apologize to all those who were inconvenienced. Next year we’ll be ready for you! Happy New Year.

Janet Bickal

President, Lawrence Historical Society


On January 5, Herb Spiegel was incorrectly identified as the director of the Small Business Development Center at Mercer County Community College. He retired from that job five years ago, and is now an instructor at MCCC. His family owned a retail furniture firm, but his father’s name was Herman, not Henry.

Also, the correct new address for Stoolmacher Consulting Group is 2304 Brunswick Pike, and Mr. Stoolmacher’s first name is Irwin, not Irvin. We apologize for the errors.

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