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Between the Lines

Norma Jean DeVico of Bridge Communications in Titusville responded to

Richard K. Rein’s December 1 column, in which he pondered the

hypothetical question of which sense mattered most to him: seeing or

hearing. DeVico, who uses the byline NJ DeVico, says she often plays

the "What if …" game with friends. "I present two improbable

scenarios and ask which they’d choose. The losing-sight-or-sound

question makes everyone – musicians and artists alike – squirm."

"Your column," she wrote, "reminded me of an article I wrote for the

Pennington Post when I was in Tuscany this summer. For once, I paid

attention to the sounds in addition to the landscape." She enclosed

her article, which included the following passage:

"Just like where I live in Titusville, it’s beautiful. But it’s the

sounds that give me the feeling I’m not in Jersey any more.

"The bird sounds are different. Those that survive, that is. It’s

hunting season, so during the weekend I hear hunters shooting at tiny

birds and wild boar. There’s a constant buzz of some unidentifiable

insect at the edge of my consciousness. I hear chestnuts hitting

drying leaves on the way to making a thud when they hit the ground or

a twang when they hit the corrugated sheet-metal roof of a barn. Cars

sound their Italian horns as they approach a mountain curve; the

streets are wide enough to accommodate 1.9 car widths. The church

bells ring every hour to announce weddings. Walking past a bar you can

sometimes hear the clank of heavy ceramic coffee cups and the whoosh

of the cappuccino machine.

"I usually don’t bring a camera. This time I did. Next time I’m

thinking of bringing a tape recorder."

Thank you, NJ DeVico, for that audio glimpse of Tuscany.

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Mary R. Marrone-Polo, president of the Mercer Chapter of the

International Association of Administrative Professionals, wrote to

correct some out-of-date pages on the U.S. 1’s website, Marrone-Polo, who is also an executive

assistant at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on College Road,

objected to two old listings.

We responded that we would not remove a webpage. Since 1998 every news

article and listing published in U.S. 1 Newspaper has also been

published on the website, and it remains there in perpetuity. It is up

to the reader to figure out that an entry has probably changed – we

date every page. But we can update our Business Directory as follows:

International Association of Administrative Professionals, 37 Miles

Avenue, Hamilton 08610. Mary Marrone-Polo, president. 609-627-5915;

fax, 609-514-5486. Meetings on second

Thursdays at 6 p.m. at Tiffany’s Family Dining (formerly Scoozi’s),

Route 33, Mercerville, September through June, $20.

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