Sometimes the best laid plans for free publicity go awry. Target Stores sent a nice press release about how a West Windsor student received a $5,000 scholarship from an educational youth program created by the store and the Tiger Woods Foundation. Under this program, Target has given more $940,000 in scholarships.

Then came the following letter, addressed to Robert J. Ulrich, Target’s Minneapolis-based CEO:

Dear Mr. Ulrich:

In the spirit of the holiday season, I am writing to request that you reconsider Target Corporation’s decision to prohibit the Salvation Army from collecting donations for its annual Red Kettle Campaign outside of your stores this year.

Last year the Red Kettle Campaign generated $93 million nationwide and helped the Salvation Army provide assistance for almost 33 million people in need. Nearly $9 million was donated by Target shoppers, including $200,000 at your New Jersey stores. These funds provide Christmas dinners, clothing, and toys, as well as financial assistance for families and individuals in need. Because the Red Kettle Campaign is one of the Salvation Army’s primary sources of donations, your decision also will hinder the organization’s ability to provide needed services throughout the year.

At a time when the humanitarian services are most needed, I appeal to your sense of moral responsibility and urge you to allow the Salvation Army to continue its long tradition of raising funds for the needy during its annual Red Kettle Campaign.

Richard J. Codey

Acting Governor

Editor’s note: Nearby stores to Target (Wegmans and Kohl’s) also ban the kettles, but WalMart has consented to host them, and Sam’s Club will soon follow suit.

My neighbors and I oppose the building of a new taxpayer-funded overpass to connect Route 1 and Route 130 at Finnegans Lane. This would destroy wetlands that are near Farrington Lake. The primary efforts of the state and county should be to widen Route 1 in South Brunswick and Edison.

The Finnegans Lane proposal, which would cost from $90 to $150 million, would connect Finnegans Lane to Davidson Mill at Route 130. Traffic is already high on the one-lane Davidson Mill Road in South Brunswick. South Middlesex County already has new Route 522 connecting Route 1 to Route 130. We need to preserve the water and lands near Davidson Mill Pond, Farrington Lake, and Ireland Brook.

Kenneth A. Vercammen


Shannon Sullivan of the Devon Group wrote to say that, contrary to our report on November 17, Kenexa’s name did not change when Accelera Corporation bought Kenexa’s Learning Solutions Group. "Kenexa is still a leader in HR solutions and is based in Wayne, PA."

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