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Between the Lines

We had scheduled a major "hard news" business story for this issue,

but instead Roy Gwin and his milk truck graces our cover. Somehow,

right before the Thanksgiving weekend, it seemed more appropriate to

send out a good-feeling story about a family food business.

Over the past 20 years we have always had an eye out for the social

and personal needs of our readers. Back in 1986, just before

Thanksgiving, we profiled the corner bars of our community and on the

cover we featureed a family business, Mike’s Tavern, operated by the

late Mike Leiggi and his wife Lena since 1933.

The milk man story struck us as a combination of a family business

story and a service piece, perfect for the Thanksgiving weekend. While

Wawa and CVS are very convenient (who would have dreamed, 20 years

ago, of going into a drug store to get milk or a loaf of bread?) they

don’t answer all the needs, so we think this is a service worth

telling about.

Forget to buy butter? Established customers on Gwin’s Thursday morning

route can call in Wednesday night before 8 p.m. and get any of 300

items delivered before they wake up to put the turkey in the oven on

Thursday morning.

After we read the heartwarming tale, we did a little reporting on the

dollar and cents side of it. Gwin charges $2.50 per half gallon of

milk, at least 25 cents more than the grocery stores charge, but he

sells a gallon of milk as two half gallons, or $5, higher than the

retail gallon price of about between $3.50 and $4. His busy customers

consider the difference money well spent.

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