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This column was prepared for the October 27, 2004 issue of

U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.

Between the Lines

In this era of E-mail and website research, it’s easy (and sometimes

highly efficient) for a reporter to stick to his or her desk. But once

in a while a reporter needs to meet the sources in person.

U.S. 1’s Barbara Fox did just that a few weeks ago, attending a

meeting of Einstein Alley, a group that promotes central New Jersey as

a high tech center, and a group that U.S. 1 has written about

frequently. The meeting turned out to be a showcase for a dynamic new

presence in state government: Virginia Bauer of the state commerce

commission. Bauer and her story were so compelling in person that Fox

decided not only to write an article, but to push for cover-length

treatment. See page 46.

U.S. 1 doesn’t normally cover presidential politics, but two pieces in

this issue relate to the upcoming election. On page 53 we present an

"op ed" piece from Avante International, a Princeton company that

believes it has a better way to count election ballots. And on page 59

Richard K. Rein reports on a man not currently involved in politics

but who maybe should be: former Governor Tom Kean. How did Rein meet

up with Kean? Well, the editor managed to get out in public for a

change. Try it again, boss: It really works.

Electoral Musings

THE PRESIDENTIAL race is within a few days of being resolved; some of

us will be happy, others sad, and the undecided will remain undecided.

Each candidate is hammering away at his opponent as if he were an

enemy rather than a solid citizen of the U.S.A. They promise us things

we like to hear; lower taxes, better health care, more jobs, crush

terrorists, protect Social Security, etc. If Will Rogers were alive

today, I wonder what observations he would render. Some quotes of Will


If you even inject truth in politics, you would have no politics.

America has the best politicians money can buy.

Politics ain’t’ nothing but reciprocity; you know congress will vote

for anything if the thing they vote for will turn around and vote for


A politician is not as narrow minded as he forces himself to be. No

elective candidate is ever as bad or good as we expect him to be. But

with all the hooey, it’s the best system in the world.

God bless America.

Victor Opalski

West Windsor


In Best Bets, October 20, "The Men’s 30-Minute Workout" should have

noted that the yearly membership fee to Cuts Fitness for Men is

$412.20. The address is 1033 Washington Boulevard, Robbinsville. The

phone: 609-426-8777.

Also in that issue, in the item titled "Have a Working Tea," ARAMARK,

not Hilton, owns ARAMARK Harrison Lodging, the division that includes

Chauncey Conference Center, where tea is served. The executive chef’s

name is Frank Rette.

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