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We love writing about food, and our Dining Issues have run the gamut

from covering geographical areas (Witherspoon Street, New Brunswick,

or the ‘Burg) to focusing on a type of food (sushi, Spanish, Indian,

or Southern). This fall we focus on the unusual variety in supermarket


Good Sports awards go to Liz and David Scafa, who left their Princeton

Junction offices to pose at the McCaffrey’s in the Princeton Shopping

Center. David is a CPA who does financial services and is an

investment advisor (609-799-7268). Liz is a CFP and CPA who does

financial planning, investment management, and insurance

(609-750-0002). Special thanks also to Hector Lopez, the store

manager, and to Nancy Keen, prepared foods manager.

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To the Editor:

On behalf of the photographer, models, and the production people

involved with the Silhouettes of Hope calendar project, thank you for

the wonderful publicity (October 13). As a result, sales have reached

over $7,000.

I am a six-year and third-generation survivor of breast cancer. Most

people do not know that the same number of people die each year from

this insidious disease as did in the 1930s. We conceived this project

to benefit the Breast Cancer Resource Center of the Princeton YWCA.

Whatever a patient’s individual needs, the BCRC gives, whether it be

counseling, a wig, a book, or moral support and a hug.

Jo Doig, Esq.

I was so impressed by the article Jamie Saxon wrote on my company,

Victoria/KitKat (U.S.1, October 6). As a result, Princeton has been

made aware that collective support of one another is what it is all

about. On the day of my October 9 fashion show at the Writers Block,

Kevin Wilkes and Peter Soderman and my husband, Gary, worked with a

team of men to put up the runway, transport chairs, and create the

whole barn effect. Rosie Babbit, Laurie Morris, Nancy Schulman and

Anne Juston fed and supported the models. Terry Cerf and her team from

Metropolis made the girls look amazing, and the Czek team – my

seamstress Helena Sabova, et al – got the models dressed and ready.

Nim Ben Reuven and Sean Dixon wowed the crowd with music and live

drums. The models have told me it was a very profound experience to

celebrate who they are as women.

My good friends, Jessica Durrie, owner of small world coffee, allowed

me to display photos from the fashion show in the cafe, and Lana

Breygina, owner of Onyx Nail Salon at 15 Witherspoon, invited me to

set up a trunk show for the next 10 days.

Many people saw that article and I received so many well wishes from

people who I had never met to say that I inspire them. What I say to

them, is that we all have this in us in some way or another. This town

and all those that believe in me have opened up their hearts to this

girl from South Africa, and I feel truly blessed.

Chantal Palmer

Victoria Kitkat

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