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Between the Lines

All of you who watch the network news or CNN or Geraldo

and Hardball may find this hard to believe, but most of us in the

news business are pretty self-effacing people. That’s why we find

it hard to take compliments or even accept thanks. "They’re just

saying that to be polite," we tell ourselves in the face of such

niceties. "They don’t really mean it."

But since it’s the season of thanks, we want to acknowledge the


comments that have come our way from so many people. Here’s a holiday

greeting to our staff from Joe Boyd, the founder and director of the

Consumer Bureau, which publishes the business services directory that

appears on the inside back cover of every issue of U.S. 1. "I

salute you for the high voltage, high brow stuff you put out week

after week."

High voltage? High brow? Does Boyd mean it or is he just showing us

kids the kind of rhetorical flourishes that can be wielded by a person

who received a classic, liberal arts education (Harvard, Class of

’35)? We hope it’s the former, not the latter, because it is a nice


to the staff and to the many freelancers who bring their energy

and vision to this publication.

Of course, we can’t single out all the cards, letters, E-mails, and

voice mails that have come our way, but we do offer a holiday greeting

to all of you: publication of our 1999 U.S. 1 Calendar. This year’s

calendar marks a quantum leap forward for this publication — the

inclusion of four-color reproduction. We used the opportunity to


the work of 15 area artists, selected out of a talented pool of 30

who submitted works in response to our call.

The truly thankless task of winnowing down the field belonged to


editor Nicole Plett, who also has the daunting job of selecting short

stories and poems for our annual Summer Fiction issue. Plett’s final

15, in alphabetical order: Angela Barbalace, Dorothy Wells Bissell,

Sergio Bonotto, Gail Bracegirdle, Marge Chavooshian, Betty Curtiss,

Glen Key Dalessandro, Gordon Haas, Stan Kephart, Sylvia Cummings


Mel Leipzig, Ken McIndoe, Lucy Graves McVicker, Robert Sakson, and

Idaherma Williams.

To all the artists, and to the others who wield pens and pencils and

computer cursors to make this publication possible week after week,

we say thanks. And we really do mean it.

Holiday Schedule

EAGER READERS will note that this issue of U.S. 1 has been delivered

on Tuesday, even though the date on the folio line is Wednesday,


23. That’s because we are getting an early jump on the Christmas


for which we will close our office both Thursday and Friday, December

24 and 25. You could say that Tuesday is virtually Wednesday anyhow,

and in the case of U.S. 1 you literally would be correct.

We will be open Monday through Thursday, December 28 through 31, but

will not publish a paper December 30 — or Tuesday the 29th (one

virtual Wednesday is enough). Instead we will prepare our annual


Guide issue to kick off the virtual end of the 20th century on


January 6. To that we say happy New Year, and we mean it.

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