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Princeton Doll and Toy Museum

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Between The Lines

If you are thinking ahead to your holiday gift list, this fall arts

issue is your ticket to a stress-free holiday. We work ahead to get as

much information as we possible can on the coming season so you can

plan ahead. For instance, if your brother-in-law is a fan of Olivia

Newton-John, tickets to her State Theater concert will surely beat a

package from the liquor store or the ubiquitous Christmas tie. And for

your own planning, now is the time to get that subscription — or that

sure-to-be-sold out ticket to Laurie Anderson at McCarter.

To make it easier to search out the right event, calendar editor Lynn

Miller has organized the events into categories of the lively arts —

drama, music, and dance. Under music, for instance, you will find

classical, jazz, pop, folk, and world music. Wherever possible we

extend the calendars through next spring. Some of the far-flung venues

attract the big name acts that don’t come to Princeton. Perhaps you

would rather hop a train and see acts in New York than drive to Red

Bank, Newark, Morristown, or Camden, but now you have the choice.

These listings — and more that we didn’t have room for — are also

available on the Internet ( where you can search

by date or type of event. Will you be having visitors during a holiday

weekend? Call up those dates from our event database and you will know

everything we know. We list each separate performance of a play or a

“Nutcracker” ballet so you can be sure you will get a complete list.

Coverage of the season begins here:

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To the Editor

Thank you for the inspired feature on the Princeton Doll and Toy

Museum (September 1). The article was magnificent — interesting,

accurate, and informative. It will be a great help to us as the museum

continues to grow; it will help people to find and enjoy the museum

with us.

Your writer, Caroline Calogero, is right — it does make going to work

fun and uses every skill that I have developed in my careers in

business and education.

Virginia B. Aris

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Princeton Doll and Toy Museum

You may get a lot of flack for Richard K. Rein’s column about “Bush on

the Couch” (September 8) but we thought it was right on the money.

We don’t know which is more upsetting: how psychologically,

intellectually — and dangerously — unfit for the presidency George W.

is; or how ill-informed and unquestioning so many voters are.

Thanks for raising two issues the mainstream media assiduously avoids.

Alan Goldsmith

Suzin Green


For the complete calendar events in central New Jersey, go to

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