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About this Cover

On the cover, clockwise from the top left: 1. Architect Kevin Wilkes

created a folly for Civil War historian James McPherson, adding a

piece of the Andersonville POW wall that had surrounded Wilkes’

great-great grandfather. 2. The folly created by John James Rivera for

Latin American historian Paul Sigmund. 3. Poet Paul Muldoon and

architects Juliet Richardson and Terry Smith pay tribute to G.B. Shaw,

emulating the playwright’s own revolving writing shed. 4. The water

tower. 5. A barn from the 1800s. Center: Peter Soderman and Kevin

Wilkes, with the folly for Peter Benchley in the background.

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To the Editor:

I am writing to ask for your readers’ support on a unique and

innovative project that is occurring on the Palmer Square side of Paul

Robeson Place.

We are calling this the Princeton Writers Block. It is the brain child

of two highly creative individuals, Peter Soderman, the

gardener/farmer/artiste who amongst other things, has created the

Mediterra Herban Garden, also located on Paul Robeson Place, and Kevin

Wilkes, partner in Princeton Design Guild, a local architectural and

building company.

Writers Block is a four-month, urban, literary and scholars garden

that broke ground in June. It will be cultivated by volunteer artists

and will blossom with a program of readings and cultural events

lasting through Halloween, October 31. The garden features, around

three sides, follies and pavilions. They will be designed and built by

teams of renowned Princeton area architects, landscape architects,

builders, and writers. Each "folly" will capture the unique flair of

its team (and, in October, during the "closing celebration" of Writers

Block, will be auctioned off, with the profits going to benefit a

non-profit organization selected by each Folly Team).

Among other things the Writers Block and the Herban Garden are

important social experiments that should be exported to communities

everywhere that have unsightly, vacant, urban blocks in their midst.

There may be "A Rose in Spanish Harlem," but in Princeton we now have

an urban field of gold (www.princetonwritersblock.com).

I am writing because we are looking for support to help finance the

cost of this project. Whereas the final goal is to auction off the

Follies, with proceeds going to charity, we need to find individuals

and companies willing to underwrite a portion of these costs. I would

greatly appreciate your support for this important social experiment

that enhances both our environment and community.

Tax exempt donations should be made payable to the Kaduson Strauss

Community Foundation, 3812-B Quakerbridge Road, Suite 204, Mercerville

08619 (refer on your check to the Writers Block 2004). If you have

questions call me at 609-921-2333 or E-mail me at


David S. Newton

Vice President, Palmer Square Management LLC

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