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We have received several notes and several calls of appreciation for our July 28 issue, our annual Summer Fiction edition. While we appreciate the positive feedback, the nearly 50 short story writers and poets whose work was included in that issue may appreciate it even more.

We invite all readers to join us this Thursday, August 12, from 5 to 7 p.m. at Barnes and Noble in MarketFair to salute all the writers who submitted works for this issue. We will have free hors d’oeuvres and desserts, and plenty of interesting people to meet and greet. We hope to see you there.

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To the Editor

RECENT ARRESTS of immigrants in Princeton and Trenton have drawn attention to immigrants and immigration law. On behalf of the Latin American Task Force, a volunteer network of local organizations and individuals supporting the smooth integration of immigrants into our community, I urge members of the community to attend our meetings (held at Princeton Public Library) in order to dispel some commonly held misconceptions, some of which have been published in the press.

First: undocumented immigrants are not criminals; being here illegally is not a criminal offense; second, it may surprise people to realize that it can take more than 10 years for individuals to receive a green card; third, many immigrants who try to legalize their status are at present barred from doing so by current legislation; fourth, undocumented people can – and many do – pay state, federal and social security taxes. Finally, undocumented people have rights and protections under the law.

We urge members of the community and our elected representatives to support the rights and protection of all people – citizens and documented or undocumented immigrants.

Hana Muzika Kahn

Latin American Task Force,

Westcott Road, Princeton

Editor’s note: For information on the next meeting, call the Princeton Public Library (609-924-9529) after September 1.

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Differing View

I AM WRITING to respond to the incredibly negative review of "Bombay Dreams" by Simon Saltzman (July 7).

I saw a Sunday matinee performance and while arguably $82 is a lot to pay for a pleasant and unusual afternoon at the theater, the show surely has more talent than your review would indicate. I saw a theater full of enthusiastic adults and children enjoying a non-vulgar, colorful, musical show with a foreign flair featuring Indian music, dance, and costumes which even had a message.

No one attending "Bombay Dreams" expects "Carousel" or "West Side Story" (or "Assassins") but why not mention the positive elements? This would encourage attendance by both Indian and American audiences and keep the production on Broadway.

Barbara Brown


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