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To the Editor

If I didn’t know better, it would appear that "U.S.1" was rallying

behind the cause of Michael Ryan ("On Trial: Affirmative Action

Plans," June 16). You’ve devoted nearly four pages to this story,

which, as one of your interviewees stated, ". . . none of the facts in

[this] case are particularly unusual or significant in terms of

creating new law."

What your lengthy article does create is ‘animosity’ toward

affirmative action. There is such a thing as subtle racism, and it

does exist in corporate America. Regardless of HOW qualified a

minority is, he or she will be ‘held’ down or back when it comes to


From the outset, affirmative action wasn’t clearly thought out. If it

had been, perhaps we would not have so many (white) people rallying

against it. When people hear affirmative action, it causes the hair on

the backs of their necks to stand up. What it SHOULD cause is

attention to themselves – inward attention that is – to examine if

they are harboring any ill will toward minorities. More than likely

they probably will find something. Again, racism in the workplace is

prevalent. It exists and I have been a victim of it as well.

Affirmative action has also awakened people to reexamine the racial

makeup of a corporation. Therein lies the rub, I believe. People now

are crying, "I’m not racist. Some of my best friends are…." Gimme a

break! Perhaps YOU may not be. But when there is a SERIOUS disparity

in the amount of minority representation in a corporation, yes, there

IS a problem. Though the article didn’t state the racial breakdown of

employees at the FAA, I doubt seriously that affirmative action would

have been introduced had it not been for the lack of said

representation at the FAA.

Perhaps the fact that Mr. Ryan is on his third attorney attests to the

fact that he is a bitter white man. I could care less that he helped

to "train" those in the AA program. Who’s to say that those who were

promoted didn’t deserve it? Before affirmative action graced the doors

of the FAA, where was Mr. Ryan’s promotion?.

Kudos for a well written article. However, the content truly seemed to

‘favor’ Mr. Ryan’s cause. In the future, U.S. 1 should devote space to

news of importance – like job training, and where minorities can go to

find employment. Or would that be championing the cause of affirmative


-Ty Gray

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TKO Real Estate Advisory Group, 100 Youngs Road

IN YOUR ARTICLE on Summer Island Shuttle (U.S. 1, May 5), you

mentioned my company, Rainbow Air. For the record, the main reason

that Rainbow Air closed is my main source of income moved to Dallas in


Our business model included purchase of an aircraft so that it would

always be available when we needed it. Since we used the aircraft

mainly on weekends, the model depended on finding other uses for it

during the week. Although we had several different arrangements, none

worked out.

-Joe Budelis

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