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Between the Lines

Last week’s good news — for Route 1 commuters — was that the Department of Transportation is forging ahead with plans to eliminate the jughandle and traffic light at Nassau Park.

Motorists traveling south on Route 1 would still be able to enter the big-box shopping center from the highway. And motorists would still be able to leave the shopping center by an entrance ramp leading to Route 1 South. But for those coming from the south and driving north on Route 1, or for those attempting to leave Nassau Park and head north on Route 1, the only way in and out of the shopping center will be via the Quakerbridge Road overpass leading to what is now considered the “back” entrance to Nassau Park. The DOT is spending some $2.4 million to create a frontage road along Route 1 North to ease the movement of cars on and off the Quakerbridge overpass.

For most of our readers that’s good news. But for some people the good news could be better, and for others the good news isn’t that good at all. Some opinions:

@head 14:One Light Down, But One to Go

In recent articles I read that the traffic signal at Nassau Park Boulevard and Route 1 is due to be removed. This will help traffic flow in the area. A lot of traffic is using this light now to exit the shopping center.

There is another light just down the road that backs up traffic just as bad or worse and is little used. That is at the intersection of Route 1 and Carnegie Center Boulevard. When the overpass at Meadow Road was proposed, the idea was that this overpass and the Alexander Road bridge could handle the traffic from Carnegie Center and that this light could be replaced by a right-in/right-out intersection. Currently, one or two cars per cycle will go through this light from the Boulevard and tie up Route 1 traffic in the process. I have seen cars backed up for four and five light cycles on Route 1 in the middle of the day and vehicles waiting in lines thousands of feet long.

Since this intersection is little used and now unneeded, I would hope it could be removed soon, also.

Arch Davis

Davis Systems Engineering,

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Another Princeton resident, who wrote to the Times of Trenton, noted that spending $2.4 million to remove the traffic signal and create “potentially worse downstream problems” would be a waste. Pointing out that few shoppers are turning into Nassau Park during morning rush hour, Mary Ellen Costello suggested prohibiting use of the jughandle and turning off the signal just during the morning rush.

“Appropriate methods exist to make this approach easy for motorists to follow, using a barrier or sign that directs motorists back onto Route 1 North. This would enable continued use of the jughandle the rest of the day rather than removing alternatives,” she wrote.

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