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Between the Lines

Back in January when John McPhee’s Pine Barrens was selected to be the

book that everyone would read this year, OneBook New Jersey began

pummeling U.S. 1 and, we suppose, all the newspapers with a public

relations campaign. Of course we will write about it, we replied. In

our own time.

In February and March, when the new Princeton Public Library was

nearing the end of its construction, there were pressures to write

about it. In April, the supposed move-in date, the pressures

increased. Of course we will write about it, we said. The right time

will come.

Meanwhile we were sitting on wonderful stories on related topics.

Carolyn Foote Edelmann had submitted a piece on a nature tour of the

Pine Barrens (complete with driving directions). Bart Jackson wrote

about a hike on the Batona Trail (also complete with directions). And

Flora Davis interviewed one of Princeton’s most interesting artists,

Maggi Johnson, on her work commissioned for the new library.

To this, we had added Edward Tenner’s think piece on the future of

books. "Ten years ago the printed word seemed a noble anachronism

crushed between televised entertainment and burgeoning electronic

information resources," says Tenner. "But today, many would-be

replacements of books have vanished, while conventional print marches


Here it is, the second week in May, and our "Bullish on Books" package

is complete. We are glad we waited, because we are right in time for

the big event. At the library’s grand opening celebration on Saturday,

May 15, McPhee is scheduled to read and Johnson is scheduled to speak.

(See page 24 for the listings of the day’s activities. See page 30 for

the stories.)

No, we were not first to report on the new library. But you can judge

our effort for yourself. The other people with a verdict to offer are

surely the neighboring merchants in downtown Princeton, who have been

thirsty for foot traffic during the long reconstruction period.

To the Editor

I’ve been interviewed more than 100 times in my life, and I think the

interview by Kathleen McGinn Spring is the best ever (U.S. 1, April

14). Not just because its a positive piece about WorldWater, but

because it reflects a true picture of what we do, how we do it, and

the momentum driving us. You captured the personalities and the spirit

of the individuals as well as the company "corporata" (that’s the

Latin equivalent of "persona" for a company – I just made that up).

Quentin Kelly

CEO, Worldwater Corp.

Thank you for Frank Rivera’s perceptive and very detailed article

about the exhibit of Fiber Art in the Montgomery Center for the Arts

(U.S. 1, April 28). Your personal interview with the artist and your

visuals added greatly to the understanding of the show.

Lore Lindenfeld


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