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This was printed in U.S. 1 Newspaper on November 11, 1998.

Between the Lines

We managed to sneak away from home and office the other

night to attend the 30th anniversary gala of the MSM Regional Council

at the Hyatt. Among the dozens of business leaders, government


and all-around power brokers we bumped into was Sam Hamill, the former

MSM president.

We reminded Hamill of his advice to U.S. 1 many years ago — that

we not get mired down in the nitty-gritty of municipal politics.


memory of the advice was slightly different: He remembered telling

us not to ignore the municipalities but rather to keep the regional

perspective foremost in our mind.

Either way, the biggest fallout of the 1998 election from the


of the greater Princeton business community may have been the Hopewell

Township victory of two committee members who have been critical of

the Township’s planning for a new eight-mile sewer pipeline —

a critical element in the proposed 3.5 million-square-foot Merrill

Lynch development off Scotch Road. The question now is whether the

sewer line is headed the same way as Newt Gingrich — out of sight

and out of mind.

In MSM’s 1998 Resource Book, distributed at the dinner, has chapter

and verse on the planning sessions over the past year involving


Township, Mercer County, the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed


as well as MSM. Whether you like it or not, Hopewell seems destined

for growth. We can only hope that the planning process associated

with the sewer line isn’t thrown out with the election bathwater.

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The U.S. 1 Calendar

Now if you don’t want to miss the major events of 1999,

you will want to have the U.S. 1 Calendar at your side or on your

wall beginning January 1. This year’s calendar will be better than

ever — featuring full color reproductions of original pieces of

art created by central New Jersey artists.

You can turn to the ad on page 16 of this issue to get the details

on how to submit slides, photographs, or transparencies of work for

consideration. But we can give you some inside scoop on the selection


1.) We have room for 15 pieces of art (the 12 months plus the

front and back covers of the calendar).

2.) We are going to favor art that suggests some Central New

Jersey or Princeton scene. Your vision of Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue

at Christmas or Central Park in the spring isn’t going to play as

well with us as the Nassau Inn’s Christmas tree or the Carnegie Lake


3.) While we will solicit submissions from the established


of Princeton, the people whose work is displayed at Bristol-Myers

Squibb gallery, the Forrestal, and Summit Bank, we are going to hope

to introduce one or two or more previously unheralded talents. Readers

of our annual Summer Fiction issue know what we mean by that. So if

you or someone you know has a fabulous oil or pastel or watercolor

that you would like to share with our readers, by all means get a

photograph and submit it ASAP.

We’re all eyes.

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