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Between the Lines

These are exciting times for Debra Grady. She is director of

communications for tiny WorldWater, a solar water start-up operating

out of modest offices in the Pennington Business Park. The company has

no sign of its own on a busy stretch of Route 31, so she guides

visitors to WorldWater’s door by advising a sharp right turn as soon

as they see a cluster of sports cars at the dealership at the head of

the driveway.

Grady’s background is the "very high pressure" world of New York

media. The Notre Dame graduate has held high-profile jobs at USA

Today, National Geographic, and Forbes. Settled in Princeton, with a

young child at home, she had been writing annual reports and preparing

press releases about patents – and savoring the peace and quiet.

Then NPR got wind of the fact that a team from her company is

preparing to leave for Baghdad, where they hope to secure

subcontracting work. Suddenly, she was beseiged by urgent requests

from television, radio, and print reporters. An exceptionally

accommodating person, and a smart one too, she realizes the value of

the publicity. Still, it is not easy fitting in every reporter’s

requests for a few minutes with the men who are on the verge of

undertaking a very dangerous mission.

Grady now speaks of chats with Fox TV producers, has had her

personable boss, Quentin Kelly, on NPR’s Marketplace, and is talking

with news directors at CNBC, CNN, and AP who are eager to have their

reporters accompany the team to Baghdad. She apologizes for a delay in

returning a call, explaining that she had been on a "live taping." Fox

had called with a request that Anand Rangarajan, head of the team,

zoom up to Gallup’s Carnegie Center offices, where there is a

satellite link.

Over the Easter week-end, she had to rush her guys to Philadelphia for

a Friday night television appearance, and then for another on Saturday

night. Praising Grady’s performance under pressure, Kelly comments,

"This is a blitz! We’re not used to this." For U.S. 1’s take on the

hometown company caught up in the international story, see page 16.

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To the Editor

Thank you for the accurate reporting on my business (U.S. 1, March

17.). Your reporter, Kathleen McGinn Spring, asked all the right

questions, listened carefully to my answers, and has an engaging

writing style. The result: five people in my last seminar brought your

article with them.

Suzanne M. Engels


Thank you for including the Amateur Astronomers Association of

Princeton in your March 31 issue on space science. For over 40 years

the AAAP has welcomed members, at all levels, to share in the

excitement and discovery of astronomy and related sciences

( Our exhibit at the June 5 Princeton Fete

will feature specially filtered telescopes allowing visitors to safely

view the sun.

John Miller

Assistant Director AAAP

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