To the Editor: `The Donald’

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In this issue, we celebrate those who tinker: the engineers and the future engineers. The father of Bart Jackson, who wrote our cover story, was an engineer, and Jackson remembers his mother characterizing engineers as having pointy ears. "She realized that engineers were a breed apart," says Jackson. "They are obsessed with tinkering, repair, and invention. I do believe my father would have voluntarily fixed the guillotine set for his own beheading. Yes, toolies are strange."

But, notes Jackson, "we need them. They have taken us out of the stone age, eased the struggle, and in the case of engineers like Charles Hayden and Aram Friedman, they have made comprehensible the divine artistry of the skies, without taking away any of its astronomical wonder." See Jackson’s story, page 16.

Then on Monday, March 29, we learned that one of Princeton’s own celebrated entrepreneurial engineers, Gregory Olsen, is ready to embark on an astronomical adventure of his own. Olsen, the founder of Epitaxx and Sensors Unlimited and a millionaire many times over from the sale of those companies, is paying $20 million to be the third tourist traveler ever to board the Russian space shuttle and spend a week at the space station (see page 54). Like Friedman and Hayden, Olsen has always been a tinkerer, and he says that, like many children in the ’50s, he was inspired by the publicity over Sputnik to be an engineer.

For future tinkerers and astronomers we offer a list of summer science camps, fuel for a budding space explorer’s passion (page 52). And for those who think kids should focus exclusively on science and math – not art – we offer another view (page 48).

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To the Editor: `The Donald’

On behalf of the Highland Park Department of Community Services, I would like to thank you for the article describing our upcoming singles program to be held at Charlie Brown’s on April 15 (U.S. 1, March 24).

"The Donald Factor: A Singles Event for the Finale of the Apprentice" was well written, creative, and chock-full of information relating to the television show and to our event. U.S. 1 newspaper hit the stands yesterday and already I have received a number of calls from individuals and groups. Although the event is geared to the 40s to 50s age group, it was interesting to find that the article generated phone calls from younger groups. Three to four groups in the 30-year-old range contacted me yesterday and asked if they could join us for the event.

With this much interest, and thanks to the article written by Jamie Saxon, I decided to expand the program and invite the younger age group as well. I hope that we can get the word out. I know there is a need in many communities to provide singles programming for all age groups.

Donna Como

Director, Department of Community Services, Highland Park

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