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Between the Lines

How in the world did we come up with a cover story on philanthropic

giving for this issue? Partly it was just simple reporting. Mary Ann

Davidson, one of the several dozen people who deliver our newspaper

each Wednesday, found Princeton Social Capital shortly after furniture

was delivered to its new Alexander Road offices. We called for

information, checked out the company’s website, and became intrigued

by its business. Non-profit M&A? Social capital? What was it all


Jordan Karpowitz, principal in Faculty Road-based Ensign

Communications and communications specialist for Princeton Social

Capital, set up an appointment with Curt Bassett, the company’s

founder. We found his take on how the unimaginably wealthy can best

divest themselves of their money fascinating, and turned his interview

into a feature.

Meanwhile, senior editor Barbara Fox had been pushing for an article

on philanthropy consultant Dana Lichtstrahl. Fox had come across

Lichtstrahl in the course of reporting another story, and thought her

business of bringing together corporations and non-profits in mutually

beneficial partnerships was worth a story.

Putting the two together, we realized, would give some extra depth to

the coverage of modern-day philanthropy, which is exploding in

popularity with a group that used to be called the nouveau riche.

Setting up mechanisms through which new billionaires can fund causes

of all sorts is Princeton Social Capital’s niche.

Lichtstrahl, meanwhile, looks at philanthropy from a different angle.

She seeks to bring together non-profits, many of which are struggling

in a belt-tightening environment, with companies of all sizes. Her

mission is to show each side how it can benefit from forming a


From there it was partly luck. Noting that this Wednesday was St.

Patrick’s Day, we knew we needed some way to put some green on the

cover. And what says "green" better than money? In keeping with the

spirit of St. Patrick, missionary and founder of churches and schools,

the issue is not about hoarding the green, but rather about sending it

out to perform good works.

From there it was just a matter of handing the material off to the

right writer – appropriately named Kathleen McGinn Spring – and then

finding a sympathetic headline writer to evoke some of the old sod –

the old guy around here who pronounces his name Ryan all year ’round.

And that’s the truth – no blarney.

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In the March 10 issue an editing error in the art review (page 31)

mistakenly identified "Hearing Voices: Personal Narratives" at the

Gallery at Bristol-Myers Squibb as part of the "Transcultural New

Jersey" initiative. The show is an independent effort, unaffiliated

with the state initiative.

Those interested in signing up for summer camp at Princeton Friends

School should call the camp number (609-924-8619) rather than the

Princeton Friends Meeting number that was printed in the camp issue of

March 3.

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