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Between the Lines

It’s directory time here at U.S. 1, the eight-week period when we try

to simultaneously publish newspapers and assemble and edit the

listings for roughly 5,600 businesses and organizations in central New

Jersey. We have faxed or mailed current listings to all those

companies, and the return faxes are keeping our machines busy

non-stop. So if it takes longer than usual to fax us, thank you for

your patience.

Some of the listings are returned with questions regarding the choice

of categories among the 217 different possibilities (available online

at We are often importuned to

add just one more. We usually say no, and encourage the requesters to

describe their business so precisely that it will stand out as being


When we do add a new category, it often reflects changes in the

business landscape. Last year, acknowledging a trend, we added

Business Coaches (executive coaches or life coaches), consultants who

work with individuals, differentiated from Management Trainers (who

work with groups) or mental health therapists.

Several of this year’s newest categories are in the area of health and

elder care. At Senior Living Centers, seniors can live independent

lives – though the facility is also set up to offer assisted living or

skilled nursing when needed. Next come the Assisted Living centers,

which can also have skilled nursing or Alzheimer’s centers – but not

independent living. Skilled Nursing facilities do not accommodate

assisted living candidates who need less care. Elder Care Consultants

help you decide what to do and where to go (for yourself or aging

parents) and Nursing Services help seniors stay in their homes.

Nursing homes, as well as the practitioners who treat the ailments of

the elderly, are included in our annual Health and Fitness Directory

published in June.

Another new category is Construction Management. A company hires a

professional construction manager to be an "owner’s representative," a

job often performed by architects, engineers, or big

accounting/consulting firms. You can read about the newest

construction management company in town on page 47.

Directory listings can include address, description of the business,

number of employees, annual revenues, and contact names. Copies will

be distributed, one to each company on our delivery list, on April 7.

After that the book costs $14.95 plus $5 to mail it, and it will also

be sold in bookstores.

If you have not received a fax or mailing, and you think your

geographical location (New Brunswick to Trenton, Hopewell to Exit 8A)

qualifies you to be in the directory, fax a complete listing to

609-452-0033 or mail it to U.S. 1, 12 Roszel Road C-205, Princeton


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A February 11 article on Barrier Therapeutics Inc. included the phone

number from the company’s previous address. The correct number is

609-945-1200; fax 609-945-1212. Also, Anne VanLent’s last name is

written as one word.

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