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Between the Lines

Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their party. We at U.S. 1, of course, do not delve into the business of endorsing political candidates. Our founder's motto, after all, was "No sewers, no schools, no doom and gloom" in the pages of this newspaper. That motto was coined back in 1984 and you don't need to look far in 1998 to see various municipal and county elections still mired in such matters.

Still, we can't help noting two interesting items on the ballot facing many of us next Tuesday, November 3. One is the congressional race pitting incumbent Mike Pappas against Rush Holt. Neither candidate is perfect, of course, but we have to point out that Rush Holt is one of the few people in politics who seems more like us than a typical politician. Holt is a Pennington resident and a former Princeton Plasma Physics Lab administrator. Two years ago, when Holt ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic nomination for this position, Joan Crespi wrote an in-depth feature on the man that appeared on the cover of U.S. 1. Now he's the nominee and if you have always complained that the trouble with politics is politicians, here is your chance to vote for someone more like yourself.

There's also an Open Space referendum. Politicians are ready to argue it both pro and con, of course. We will settle for the observation that many of you -- living in the most densely populated state in the Union -- seem to value the open space that still dots the landscape. We base that judgment on the many open space activities listed each week in our Day-by-Day calendar: marsh walks, canoeing, bird watching, flower hunting, outdoor sketching. As the cynics in our crowd say, why not support it? Our kids will all pay for it.

Windows on Our World

THE U.S. 1 CALENDAR & Datebook has long been one of our most popular publications -- a large format, month-by-month wall calendar with community events listed day-by-day over the entire year. A copy is delivered free to all 5,000 stops in our business corridor in December.

Now the annual calendar is going full-color. And we're hoping that area artists will help us launch the venture. We're looking for color images of seasonal sights appropriate for the U.S. 1 region to be featured on the calendar's monthly pages. Artists who work in any two-dimensional color medium are invited to submit artwork, in the form of two color slides or prints, for consideration. Selected artists will be contacted by December 1.

Send slides or color prints by Monday, November 23, to U.S. 1 Calendar, 12 Roszel Road, Princeton 08540. Be sure to mark slides or prints clearly with your name and the work's title. Also include a cover sheet with your address, daytime phone number, and brief personal and business biography.

We also remind event organizers to submit their plans for 1999, and even for 2000, if they know them. Yes, in terms of U.S. 1's calendar, the new millennium has arrived. This year's calendar will include a peak ahead at the major events of 2000 -- it's a colorful time, isn't it? So submit your art, submit your events, and remember to vote early and vote often.

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