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Between the Lines

Our first inkling that we had missed the boat on the Super Bowl came a

few weeks ago, when we saw an ad in production (now appearing in print

on page 40 of this issue) for a "Super Bowl Needlework Trunk Show &

Party" on Sunday, February 1. That’s not when our new U.S. 1 Calendar

says the Super Bowl is. We have it on the last Sunday in January, the


But no: The ladies organizing the needlework show (being marketed as

an event women might enjoy while their men prepare the chips,

beverages, and remote controls for the big game) have it correct. U.S.

1 jumped the gun by a week.

Time was when we could count on our boss to set us straight on matters

of Super Bowls and NCAA basketball finals. Maybe he left some of his

manly interests behind on that angioplasty table a few years ago. Or

maybe he is just turning a little metrosexual on us (see page 14).

Either way, we have to tell you that for the Super Bowl, as well as

for many other events listed in the U.S. 1 calendar, it always pays to

double check before heading out the door.

To the Editor:

The Princeton Arts Council has been the subject of controversy for

many years, and it is disturbing that an institution whose mission is

to serve the cultural needs of this community is once again in

jeopardy of losing its location. The Latin American Task Force has for

many years appreciated the variety of programs and activities at the

Arts Council which reflect Hispanic culture in our community, both

dances and receptions attended by large numbers of neighborhood

community members, talks on Central American archeology and Cuban art,

annual celebrations of the Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos and

Cinco de Mayo, and performances and classes of Spanish, Mexican and

flamenco dance.

In addition, the Arts Council has always been generous and hospitable

in providing space for community groups – for example, offering

rehearsal space to the Princeton High School dance group, Pasion

Latina, and for several years hosting the annual LATF winter clothing


These events have welcomed the Hispanic community living in the

neighborhood and brought together new and old immigrants to enjoy

Hispanic cultural events – and all easily accessible for everyone. We

should continue to support the Arts Council in this central location

so that it can continue to provide us with the richness and variety of

cultural events which reflect and involve all the members of our


Hana Muzika Kahn

Chair, Latin American Task Force

Editor’s note: The Planning Board’s site plan review advisory board

will continue hearing the Arts Council proposal on Thursday, January

22. For more on the Arts Council and its opposition, see

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