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These articles were prepared for the January 7, 2004 issue of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.

Between the Lines

Have you or any of your loved ones gotten one of those

calls or letters recently? You know the ones — from brokers wondering if you have been frustrated by the recent "volatility" in the stock market and wishing that you could find someone who would steer your assets (such as they might still be) into something as safe and secure as they are rewarding and fast growing.

No matter that the two things never go hand in hand in the stock market. And no matter that the broker calling or writing was almost certainly leading clients into that same volatility such a year or so ago.

Despite all that, they call. And you may want to have at the ready the perfect, conversation-ending response. May we suggest turning to page 47 of this issue and check out the round-up of publicly traded companies, headquartered in the Princeton area, compiled by Barbara Fox and Kathleen McGinn Spring. Put the paper up on the bulletin board and throw a dart. Chances are you will hit a winner. And when that broker calls thank him kindly for having you on his list, but assure him that you have already gotten a jump on the market, by investing in — you name it — where your neighbor works or where you work.

The only shame will be that we all didn’t do exactly that one year ago. So now should we mortgage our highly inflated houses to the hilt and sink that money into the stock market? If we knew we would be calling you now on the phone, at around dinner time.

And Fox and Spring were no help, either. Sorry, they said, past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

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Seminar Response

Thanks to your December 3 article on my seminar, "Warm Up to Cold

Calling," I had a whopping 40 people, and six people showed up

at the door.

Amanda J. Puppo

MarketReach Inc.

Windsor Commons

Editor’s note: Puppo gives another workshop, "Getting to the

Decision Maker," on Wednesday, February 18, at the Conference

Center at the NJ Hospital Association. It is part of the Princeton

Regional Chamber’s Business Council Breakfast series, (609-520-1776).

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ELIZABETH RIETZ, marketing communications specialist for Nanostream nc., covered in the December 10 issue, wrote to say that Nanostream has a proprietary, modular technology, but that the tools cannot be assembled by the client. "Nanostream’s microfluidic designers select the core tools and then integrate them for particular products that address needs in drug discovery and development," writes Rietz.

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Directory Listings

JOYCE TYLER, director of career services at Rider University, reported

that one of the companies listed in the U.S.1 Business Directory has

a new human resources director.

Thanks for the correction. It reminded us that we soon will start

work on a new edition of the U.S. 1 Business Directory. This is indeed

a good time to tell us of any changes in your business listing. Fax

them to 609-452-0033.

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