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Between the Lines

For 18 years now U.S. 1 reporters have been timing the

traffic on Route 1, the 9.1 mile stretch between Franklin Corner Road,

to the south, and Raymond Road, to the north. Over the years the


have changed and overpasses have been added, but the basic premise

remains the same: have drivers track their times as they pass through

the various intersections.

We do this in the week after classes start at Princeton University,

so the scores aren’t affected by the crush of students. To avoid


anomalies, we drive on Tuesday toThursdays from 8:15 to 9 a.m. and

from 5 to 5:45 p.m.

Everyone says that congestion is only getting worse, but our surveys

take an objective look at the situation. In 2002 the then-new Meadow

Road overpass speeded up the times, and the average commuting time

of 17 minutes and 15 seconds was the third fastest time we have


since 1985. This year cars still sail past Meadow Road, but the


time was 90 seconds slower due to the afternoon times.

It took our northbound drivers six or seven minutes to traverse what

should be a two-minute stretch from the Forrestal Center at College

Road to the Radisson Hotel at Ridge Road. We suspect that office


rates are higher at Forrestal Village, and that more cars are entering

the highway there. The southbound evening rush for that stretch was

also longer than last year.

Northbound, the morning rush was 18 minutes 15 seconds, or 45 seconds

more than in 2002. The southbound morning rush was 18 minutes, 30

seconds, or 75 seconds more than last year. Increased traffic is the

likely culprit, because off peak times were faster than last year.

As every driver knows, there’s always something to throw a kink in

any schedule. On the first morning of our survey, our drivers zoomed

up the highway, unencumbered by traffic, while cars — backed up

for an accident on I-295 — couldn’t turn onto Route 1.

Thanks to Joe Ryan, Marie Rendine, Timothy Cresson, and Theresa


members of the U.S. 1 delivery staff who took on extra duties last

week to drive up and down Route 1 during the rush hour for the traffic


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A FOLLOW-UP to Richard K. Rein’s May 28 column on Deep Throat

and the documentary that is going to include a segment on the


movie’s reception at the old Prince Theater on Route 1:

A representative of the producer, World of Wonder, reports that the

Princeton segment is complete, except for some film or video images

of Princeton in the early 1970s. The call has gone out for any moving

pictures from that era — dad’s 8 millimeter home footage,


If you can help, E-mail Rein at and he will

refer you to the producer.

IN THE SEPTEMBER 17 Preview section of U.S. 1, the sculpture

"The Dancer," selected for the Plainsboro Arts Festival and

shown on page 34, is the work of Arlene Milgram. (It was incorrectly

attributed to the exhibition judge Maggie Johnson of Princeton.)

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