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Between the Lines

With job counts continuing to decline (August marked

the seventh consecutive monthly drop in U.S. jobs) it seems we never

run out of tales about people who are out of work and what they are

doing to feed their families.

Sometimes the stories are good. For instance, three companies in this

issue — Technology Resources Corporation, WindsorTech, and PrimeSyn

Lab — were founded by those who had been laid off from a big company

and had the courage (or the desperation) to start their own small

companies (see our cover story and Life in the Fast Lane).

Sometimes the stories are really scary. Last week we heard of someone

in a Princeton area firm who was fired on the spot for inadvertently

forwarding an E-mail joke that was later deemed to be improper.

So we paid special attention when Carolyn Foote Edelmann, our nature-walking

freelance writer, told us she was out of a job. Sure enough, she began

to focus her expert bird-watching and turtle-spotting gaze on the

denizens of the labor department, and began writing tales of the unemployed.

Her job-hunting journal starts below and continues to the section

where our employment ads — and our free Jobs Wanted ads —


Those free ads, incidentally, are for U.S. 1 readers seeking fulltime

employment. See page 57 for details.


Due to an editing error in F.R. Rivera’s Preview art column, "A

Clean Sweep Season," on September 10, his story stated that he

had been at Mercer County Community College for 20 years when it should

have been 36 years. Rivera joined the faculty in 1967 and retired

in June.

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